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www.last.fm vs. www.theradio.com

Rating 3.00 out of 5


During the last couple of months I have enjoyed www.theradio.com. The ability to just go to the URL and have my favorite station play automatically is really sweet. Recently though, I have noticed advertising popping up as soon as I go to the website and after 6+ songs. Not so cool anymore when the flow of music is interrupted with a 15 second commercial. 

Last Friday I decided to join LAST.FM to post a blog for Digital Music Fridays.  This is also a free streaming music website. The main different between www.theradio.com and www.last.fm is that LAST.FM requires you to register. 

Pros: Last.FM

- Allows you to listen to your favorite artist and watch their videos.

- Some of the songs are extended or live version which ruly adds variety.

- Have direct access to the artists current activities like tour dates.

- Create your own playlist that you can share with others. You must have at least 45 songs from 15 different artists added to your playlist before the playlist can be listened to.

- Good sound quality.

- No audio commercials.


- No Registration required.

- Simple interface that allows you to quickly enter the artist or genre of music

- Good sound quality


- The screen can be over crowded with information about other styles and artists. 

- Banner and sidebar advertising.


- Audio commercials the first time you visit the website and occasionally throughout the streaming music.

- Music selection within any genre seems to be limited.

- Songs can get repetitive.


You can mark a song as a favorite or ban the song from the playlist.

You can email the song for play to friends.

Overall Verdict:


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