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Update: Sudoku 2 for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5

As a general rule I don’t update or modify reviews unless I feel that a new version significantly affects my score for the better.  There are several reasons for this, the main one being lack of time to constantly evaluate new versions of old games that I have reviewed.  Sudoku 2 is one of those exceptions.  Mere hours after I posted my review the new version of the application came out.  Included in the update was a new tile set (or lack of tiles, as it were), which honestly didn’t excite me all that much.  They also eliminate a number from your selection list once it has been used in all the appropriate places.  Now I know you’re thinking “why did this warrant a revisit?”  Well, it’s actually because of the final item they changed.

Easy is now… well, it’s actually easy!  Does this mean that you’ll just sail through the easy set of puzzles?  Probably not, but what it does mean is that the game now provides a decent starting place for beginning Sudoku players.  After getting warmed up on the new Easy level – it took me 11 to 12 minutes to complete my first puzzle – I was able to complete puzzles in under 7 minutes with a perfect rating (no wrong guesses).  This puts Sudoku 2 much more in line with the general selection of Sudoku games, and makes it a lot less daunting for someone that’s new to the concept.  The old version was taking me 20-25 minutes for a puzzle on Easy, which kind of made me shiver to think what a Medium level puzzle would take.

At any rate, you can read my original review here: Sudoku 2 review, and I highly encourage you to do so. Just keep in mind that it has a happier ending now!

Revised Verdict: Recommended
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