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TechnoReview: iCans Headphones from ULTRASONE

Rating 4.00 out of 5

iCans Review

iCans Review


Over the last decade, I cannot remember how many headphones I have gone through from

earbuds to professional headphones that fit snuggly over the ears. All headphones were originally

acquired due to a level of performance, craftmanship, and a recognizable manufacturer. I just

came across a manufacturer located in Germany that I have never heard of before. ULTRASONE

AG produces the iCans. I recently did a FIRST LOOK of the product.

These are certainly not your average headphones. For starters these headphones come with

S-Logic Natural Surround Sound built in. Typically surround sound is generated by the driving

sound source and not the receiving speakers or headphones in this case. When I first tried on

these headphones, I was very surprised that the sound was not your treble ladden sound but one

that expressed very low bass sounds as well.

Switching back to my traditional earbuds, I noticed a clear difference in sound and felt cheated

with my earbud headphones. The range of sound immenating from the iCans is a shear pleasure

to listen too. The full crisp sound is something that is not found in other headphones I have

experienced. Having tried various sound sources like, FM radio, CD, DVD, Internet radio, MP3 files,

all sound great using these headphones..These headphones bring out subtle sounds not heard

through numerous other headphones. You can say I am a headphone junky. I can now spend

hours listening to music and not feel tired or the need to take a break from music as I have with

other headphones. According to the manufacturer, these S-Logic Natural Surround Sound, reduces

the output by 3 – 4 decibels. This will certainly help reduce any ear damage from sudden

increases in sound levels.

iCans From Ultrasone

iCans From Ultrasone

Another unique feature of the iCans is the decentralized or off centre speaker driver placement.

The sound is not driven into the ear canal directly. The sound hits the outer ear and enters via the

outer ear indirectly. This certainly gives the impression the sound is emanating from an external

source and not speakers directly attched to your ears. If you listen to a full orchestral recording

that clearly has stereo separation, you will certainly experieince this with the iCans. Various instruments

that fall in the frequency range of vocals can be distinguished with these headphones. If

you appreciate the full range of a drum kit and cymbals, a great recording with these sounds will

come to life.

The iCans are designed to fold like a pair of glasses and can be easily stored away. The headphones

come stored in a metal padded can like case thereby the name iCans most likely.


iCans From Ultrasone

iCans From Ultrasone

The case though is not that practical for everyday use outside. I would have preferred a more

hinged eyeglass style carry case instead. That said, you may spend more time using these headphones

instead of being stored away. The quality of the materials are excellent. The headphones

utilize very light and durable materials. One of the lightest headphones I have experienced

without the feel of the unit being low grade or flimsy. The earpads and the outer fabric are very soft

to the touch.

If you create much of your own digital music, I would recommend you create the files for portability

while listening to the file on your desktop using the iCans. As the website title indicates

www.lost-sound.com, you will certainly minimize the lost sound when listening to the end product

on your mobile music player. Use any existing mixing utility you have to adjust the bass, midrange,

and treble before creating your audio sound file from your CD’s. Then these sound files or sounds

will jump out at you when you listen to them through your mobile audio player and the iCans.

I recently reviewed a digital audio book called the Playaway. By using the iCans instead of the

headphones include with the Playaway, the audio quality was improved by leaps and bounds. The

voice of the reader was crystal clear. The audio books included headphones were good but using

the iCans truly makes it a more enjoyable listening experience.

The manufacturer states that since you have a fuller sound range, you can listen to music at a lower

volume level compared to other headphones. This is certainly true.

Here are other features in the iCans not found on other mobile headphones.

- S-Logic Natural Surround Sound.

- ULE Technology (Ultra Low Emission) Reduces over 90% of the magnetic field affects.

- Frequency range of 20 – 20,000 Hz. (many mobile headphones are typically around 100 – 18,000


- Speaker driver uses mylar film for optimum lightweight and strength.

- Produced in Germany and not somewhere in Asis.

These headphones do truly enhance the listening quality of any sound source. The lightweight

design will allow you to miminize stress on your head. The sound is one of the clearest I have

listened to.


- Great sound quality

- Minimizes battery drain due to a lower volume level required to listen.

- Lightweight

- Solid construction


- Metal case impractical for mobile use.


9 out of 10

The iCans from ULTRASONE are a great pair of headphones. You should be able to purchase

these at a dealer near you or online for around $150.00 USD or less. These headphones will

greatly enhance your audio listening experience. If you have been using headphones that

come prepackaged with your digital audio player only, you have to give the iCans a try. You

will not be disappointed with the quality. The price maybe prohibitive for some but is an

investment in quality and protection of your hearing. Don’t let low grade headphones

damage your hearing.








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