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TechnoReview: HFI-2200 ULE Headphones from ULTRASONE

Rating 4.33 out of 5

HFI-2200 Headphones

HFI-2200 Headphones

Headphones have been around for decades and each year we see a flood of new styles and sound

improvements. The line of headphones from Ultrasone are not your average headphones that are part

of the collective. The HFI-2200 ULE headphones are very unique. First off, the HFI-2200 ULE are designed

in Germany. A country known for its design excellence.

By looking at the headphones, you might think these are just like many other home stereo headphones.

Closer examination says otherwise. These headphones excel over most on the market. First, let

me describe the physical advantages of these headphones.

Physical Advantages:

1: The headphones cable is 3 meters in length. About 2 – 3 times your typical cable length.

2: The headphone cable is actually detachable and uses a 3.5 mm gold plated stereo screw in connector.

3 The soft padded ear pads are detachable for cleaning and replacement with no tools.

4: The shell of the headphones are constructed with high impact solid plastic.

5: The headphones can be folded into a compact shape for easy storage.

Audio advantage:

1: Comes with built in S-Logic Natural Surround Sound.

2 – Metal bufferboard which reduces magnetic emissions

3 – Frequency response of 10 – 25,000 Hz

It is very exciting to hear the S-Logic Natural Surround Sound in action. It is not normal to have surround

sound that is built into the headphones themselves. The sound really seems to surround your whole head.

The actual speaker driver is decentralized thus the sound does not enter the ear canal directly. This may

seem out of the ordinary but certainly delivers the cleanest and soft sound. It is so comfortable that wearing

the headphones and listening to music for 3 hours is not stressful to the ears whatsoever.

The human ear has a normal hearing range of 20 – 20,000 Hz. With the HFI-2200 ULE, the audio range is 10 -

25,000 Hz which means you are sure to hear every bit of audio within any music that the human ear can

detect. With the wider frequency range, even very subtle sounds not heard in most headphones are reproduced

and also allows for the cleaner reproduction of mid range sounds. The really low bass and the very

high treble sounds are not overpowering at all. The open back design allows rear speaker sound to exit

thereby minimizing reverberation which can cause interference.

The headphones come in a sturdy box with the 3 meter cable, 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm adapter for home stereo

use. Also included is a demo CD which demonstrates how the full orchestral plus other sounds are repoduced

in true surround sound.

HFI-2200 Headphones

HFI-2200 Headphones


- Excellent sound reproduction.

- Allows for a lower volume level thus minimizing hearing damaging if sudden increase in sound levels


- Solid construction.

- Very comfortable sound and padded headset.

- The extra long cable is a real treat and allows for extended mobility.


- none

Rating of 10 out of 10

The HFI-2200 ULE headphones are a wonder of technology and a real pleasure to wear and listen to. If you

listen to classical, jazz or other music categories that have numerous instruments, you will enjoy the range

of sounds that encapsulates your whole head. If you currently use ear bud headphones at home, you may

want to give your ears a rest and switch to these Ultrasone surround sound headphones. Your ears will

thank you. Ultrasone manufacturers a wide range of headphones for home, professional, DJ and mobility

use. All their headphone products utilize the S-Logic Natural Surround Sound. The mobile version called the

iCans are also an excellent version for those on the go. You can read my review of the iCans HERE. If you are

in the market to replace your aging headphones and are looking for that perfect pair, you have to check

out www.ultrasone.com.

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