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TechnoReview: Codewallet Pro

Rating 4.00 out of 5

Codewallet Pro 6 From Developer One
Technoreview by Jack Turner (jckrenrut)

Information…organized Whether it is important information, like your flight information, or rather pointless things, like the license plate number of the car in front of you, which you probably didn’t even notice. Being able to manage and organize all of the important (and maybe even some unimportant) information in your life can put you one step ahead of the game in having an efficient work day. Codewallet Pro 6 from Developer One is the perfect handheld application to achieve this. It has a multitude of helpful features along with an extremely easy to learn user interface.

Just through living our lives as human beings, we are constantly being bombarded with information.

Getting Organized: The Basics

The most basic function of Codewallet Pro 6 is to simply organize your information so that you can access it easily and quickly. When you first register Codewallet Pro 6, you are asked to create your wallet along with a password. I like this added security. The ‘home screen’ of the application is simply titled My Wallet and it shows all of the folders that you have created. Clicking on a folder reveals all of the cards that are contained within it. The cards are where you store your personal information. To create a new card, you simply click and hold the folder in which you would like to make the card. (ou can also create a new card or folder using the icons along the bottom of the screen) You then select “New Card” in the context menu that appears. This context menu also contains actions for editing the current folder. Once you have selected New Card from the menu, you are taken to a screen with all of the different card types that are pre-installed. These include templates for bank accounts, flight information, contacts, credit cards, restaurants, lock combination, and many more. Upon selecting a card type, you are taken to the input screen. Here you type in all of the pertinent and corresponding information. When you’re done you simply click OK and your card is created. This takes you to the view screen, where you can view detailed information about a card. You can also reach this screen from the My Wallet screen by selecting a card. From this screen you have the ability to completely edit the card. You can change inputted information, background color or image, sound, and even the icon associated with the card, which can be customized.

Codewallet pro
Codewallet pro

Need More? Customize Your Forms

Another important feature of this utility is the ability to customize your own forms, or cards, right on the handheld itself. When in the input screen, you simply click the Form Design button along the bottom of the screen.  This allows to to change the names of the fields within the card to whatever you want.  With this option you can create a fully customized, easy to use card of your own liking.  You can also customize the different colors and fonts to use in your card.  Through my review, I’ve found that making each card a different color makes the information in the card easier to remember. This is a very helpful tool.  The program also has the capability to use images for the background of cards.  This is also helpful in recalling information.


Overall this program is a great buy. There are literally millions of different cards that you could create to organize all of the important, and unimportant, information in your life.  I would recommend it to any business man or woman, especially anyone who travels a lot.  But I would also recommend it to most pda “power users” who have a lot of information to keep organized.


Easy user interface
completely customizable
already includes the most used forms
wide selection of features


None that I found

My Rating

10 out of 10 

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