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Technobrains Take Quick Look Section to New Heights

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Toronto, Canada December 22, 2009 - Technobrains, a popular website devoted to ALL THINGS MOBILE has announced today that the very popular category “Quick Look” has expanded to a new location. Readers of Technobrains can now go to http://quicklook.technobrains.com to read just the “Quick Look” postings made popular using its short and concise review format.

“We felt that the “Quick Look” portion of Technobrains attracts enough readers to have its own web portal that allows readers easier access to the “Quick Look” content” says Bob Katayama Executive Editor of Technobrains.

Now readers can see the most recent “Quick Look” postings immediately plus have quicker access to the older postings with very little effort. The content still stays the same and will continue to be available on the main www.technobrains.com site as before. This will allow readers that still enjoy the complete content can still read the “Quick Look” postings from www.technobrains.com. The move to include a new sub domain called http://quicklook.technobrains.com was to also allow for better access to the content via mobile devices like the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

About www.technobrains.com

Technobrains was originally created by the founder and long time mobile device enthusiast Bob Katayama. In the last 2 decades, Bob Katayama has been involved in various computer and handheld device related forums on the Internet. This has lead Bob Katayama to the creation of www.technobrains.com in early 2002 as a reviews and news website for Microsoft Windows Mobile devices. Currently www.technobrains.com covers reviews and news on ALL THINGS MOBILE.   For more information you can contact reviews@technobrains.com.

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