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Technobrains Create QUICK LOOK Logo Program For Recommended Products

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Today, www.technobrains.com would like to announce that products that are recommended by our editors/writers can have a “QUICK LOOK Recommended” logo proudly associated with the product. Manufacturers and developers can use this “QUICK LOOK Recommended” logo on their website as part of their product literature and/or packaging.

The popularity of the QUICK LOOK postings on www.technobrains.com was the reason for this logo to be created. Over the coming weeks, manufacturers and software developers will be contacted to encourage them to use the image for products that have been recommended already on the www.technobrains.com website. Whenever readers see a “QUICK LOOK Recommended” image associated with a product or service on other websites, readers can feel confident that the product or service has been rated highly by www.technobrains.com.

The editors and writers at www.technobrains.com have years of dedicated product review experience and their opinions and recommendations have been appreciated by thousands of mobility software and hardware users world wide.

About Technobrains.com

Technobrains is the brain child of Bob Katayama and the domain has been in active operation since early 2002. The actual news and reviews on mobility products has been a staple since the late 1990′s for Executive Editor Bob Katayama. With the assistance of Associate Editor Eric Pankoke, www.technobrains.com has become a trusted source for information on mobility based software and hardware.

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