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Quick Look: The Train Episode 2 for iPhone

Despite the fact that adventure games seem to work quite well on portable devices, it’s still rather difficult to dig up many for the iOS platform that aren’t either ports of games from other platforms or room escape games. The Train is one such series that is unique to the iOS platform, and the commitment in raising the bar of quality in story and visuals can be seen between parts 1 and 2. I enjoyed the first installment, but this one was even better. Unfortunately, the interface sort of went the other direction a bit. I still think the game is worth trying if you’re an adventure game buff, but you’ll need a bit of patience to get around some of the issues that the controls have.

Quick Look: The Train episode 1 for iPhone

With the newly released episode 2 on the App Store, I decided it was time to take a look at episode 1 of The Train. What I found was an intriguing foundation for a world of magic gone awry, a dictatorship waiting to be overthrown, and odd characters that begged to be explored further. The game is fairly short, and the puzzles are almost too difficult at times, but in the end I still found it to be an adventure worth taking.

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