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Digital Movie Editing

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]About 10 years ago, a 5 minute video with various modifications applied would have taken hours and in some cases days to process before you could save the completed video to the hard drive. Due to the requirement of fast processors, large amounts of memory, very large storage space and […]

MSI: Apple iPhone – Software Quick Look

Apple iPhone users should read Eric’s QUICK LOOK’s on iTouch/iPhone software. These overviews on third party software programs are a great source to determine if your hard earned money and time is worth the investment. If any of the titles listed in the Comprehensive Reviews/ 1 QUICK LOOK section are of interest to you, just read Eric’s comments before making the decision to download or purchase.

Review: Portable Clickfree Automated External Backup From Storage Appliance Corporation

Wassop! Tuday – The common problem with doing a backup of my computers is dealing with opened files and opened programs always meant saving and closing the applications before doing a backup. Using the computer while the backup was taking place meant not having access to the computer. Installation of automated backup software always promised simple and headache FREE operations but this was never the case with all backup software I have used. The setup alone would be a nightware to configure. Did I want a file backup, mirror backup, backup right away, schedule a backup, uncompressed files, compressed files, encrypted files, incremental backup, overwrite old files and many more annoying decisions to make before you can start the backup process. If I forget to leave the computer on or the backup drive installed on my laptop, a message usually appears the next time I turn on the laptop that the scheduled backup was not completed and provide options but usually meant I would just reschedule. Sometimes missing 2 – 3 backup sessions.

Digital Imaging Thursdays: First Ever Post For Digital Imaging Thursdays

Wassup! Today – Digital Imaging Thursdays will be a weekly digest of current digital image related topics. Topics ranging from imaging software, imaging hardware, imaging techniques, and basic imaging 101.

Keep on top of the latest mobile imaging trends and technologies by reading Digital Imaging Thursdays.


Review: Bounce On for iPhone From Team Phobic

Reviewed Platform: iPhone
Device Used: iPod Touch
Software Type: Game
Developed By: Team Phobic

I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about a game where you play a rubber ball. Even watching a pre-release video I wasn’t sure that Bounce On would really do anything different for me than any other mobile platform games had. Now that I’ve had the pleasure of playing the game, I can honestly say that this is one of those experiences that you don’t understand until you’ve tried it. Most of the platforming concepts might be derivative, but the Box2D physics engine gives Bounce On that extra kick to make it a fun, challenging and addictive game.

The basic premise is that you are a rubber ball that has fallen out of your owner’s pocket, and you need to find your way home. Of course, such a journey could never be easy, and as luck would have it your path is littered with killer caterpillars, blue faces on springs, and white balls with sneakers that turn into mean looking red balls when you bounce on them. You also have your typical platform jumping exercises. So far there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. Thankfully, though Team Phobic took advantage of the fact that the protagonist was a ball and added some physics into the mix.

Quick Look: Archibald’s Adventure for Windows Mobile

Wassup! Today – Archibald Adventure is from developers “Rake in the Grass”. Archibald’s Adventure seems like one of those puzzle and platform type games that will consume many hours to play. The game comes with a whopping 115 levels.

Quick Look: PhoneyCall From AIM Productions

Every once in awhile, a product comes out that falls into the “What the Huh? category. PhoneyCall is one of those recent product that I just came across. My first impression was why would you want a phoney call? Do we not get enough calls during the day that on most days you wish you had left your phone at home?

TechnoReview: Codewallet Pro

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]Codewallet Pro 6 From Developer One Technoreview by Jack Turner (jckrenrut) Information…organized Whether it is important information, like your flight information, or rather pointless things, like the license plate number of the car in front of you, which you probably didn’t even notice. Being able to manage and organize all […]

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