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Games I Like on 9/16/11

For this week’s Games I Like I take a look at abused oranges, a bull in a china shop, and a little kid trapped in his crazy uncle’s laboratory. The key here is “puzzles”, and in two cases games that there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of because they are in genres that consistently feature the “same old stuff”. As always there’s some good stuff here, so read on and hopefully you’ll find something new to take home tonight.

Games I Like on 7/20/11

I didn’t realize it as I was putting these entries together, but this edition of Games I Like contains fuzzy, more fuzzy, and just as fuzzy when it comes to the games’ characters. In Chuzzle you’ll spending your time popping a bunch of fuzzy creatures. Chicks Vs Kittens has you protecting your tree from a bunch of sneaking cats in one of the more original tower defense (if you can even call it that) style games I’ve seen. Finally, Panda Adventure is a puzzle game about a panda bear and its stars. All cool, all fun, and all fuzzy.

Games I Like on 6/6/2011

This edition of Games I Like features Rampage gone doodle, a lite version of a cool shooter, and time management for the girls (and guys who are manly enough to admit they play girlie games). These aren’t exactly the best examples of games in their genres, but they certainly kept me entertained long enough for me to write about them!

Games I Like On 5/7/2011

From line drawing dice to planets and ping pong balls, this edition’s selections cover a wide spectrum of topics. Each of these games takes a slightly different perspective on their genres, and each one is quite enjoyable. And, for all of you who might be concerned, no animals were hurt in the making of the first game. It is just make believe, after all.

Games I Like on 4/3/2011

It’s been a while, but I’m finally back with another installment of Games I Like. This time there’s no common thread, other than the fact that I enjoy all of the games. So what are the 3D tank, snowball zombie slayer and exploding hero games that I covered? Read on to find out…

Games I Like on 12/31/2010

There were a lot of good games in 2010, and one genre I’ve really grown to appreciate over the year is the running game. For this edition of Games I Like I took a look at three such games – Pig Rush, Canabalt and Lame Castle. Enjoy, and see you in the new year!

Games I Like on 10/9/10

This edition of Games I Like features crusaders, ragdoll frogs and a spunky little ninja that can channel animal powers. Two of the games are free, so you’re no worse for the wear trying them even if you don’t think I’m right. Regardless, I give Robin Hood: Hero Of Hope, Froggy Launcher and Ninjump a Recommended, as I do with all Games I Like.

Games I Like On 9/21/2010

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted an edition of Games I Like. Anyway, in today’s post I cover the usual wide range of games. For the long distance runner there’s Dead Runner, a game that takes the “just keep going” genre to the first person perspective. If you’ve beaten Angry Birds or just need a break from it there’s Cannon Cadets, the clone that replaces birds with little people in helmets and pigs with robots. Finally we have Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber, a cute but spooky puzzle game from the world of Flash games.

Games I Like on 8/9/2010

I’m back with another round of Games I Like. This time I take a look at a tunnel based shooter, an action-RPG where you fight squares, and the ultimate counting sheep game (sort of). All are great fun and recommended by me.

Games I Like on 7/15/2010

It’s been a couple of weeks, so I figured I was about due for another installment of Games I Like. This time around – while not really a theme to begin with – I guess you could say all of these games are somehow connected to my past. As a gamer for almost 30 years, I was a Pac-Man fan like everyone else back then. I was also a Terminator fan, so while I’ve heard they butchered the new movie, it was nice to see them do a good job on the game based off of it. And, while I don’t remember exactly where I’ve seen him, I know I used to watch the star of La Linea on some show when I was a kid.

Games I Like on 7/1/2010

As always, this edition of Games I Like features three random games that really don’t have much in common. What we do have is a great NES styled game where your character has a skull for a head and bounces on a pogo stick, an update to the classic Moon Patrol style of game play, and a game about bugs that’s good for the kids as well as the young at heart. All of these games receive a Recommended in my book, so here we go…

Games I Like for 6/18/2010

Another day, another group of games for my series entitled “Games I Like”. This time I take a brief look at Super 7, Racer and Yipe 5. 3 games that don’t require loads of free time at any given moment, but still give you the satisfaction of having played something worthwhile.

Games I Like on 6/5/2010

Two editions of Games I Like in a week – I’m going to spoil you guys! This time around I’m playing Parachute from Donut Games, Spinzizzle from Press OK Entertainment, and Killing Zone. A variety of cheap, fun entertainment to suit many gaming needs.

Games I Like on 5/30/2010

I’m starting a new irregular segment on TechnoBrains called “Games I Like”, which is a Reader’s Digest sized version of Quick Looks designed to point out some games I’m playing that I like but don’t have time to review. This edition features Ultimate Hangman, Woolly Factory and Pistols At Dawn.

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