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Eating Healthy on a Busy Schedule

Many of us are busy throughout the day either sitting behind a desk on the computer or travelling with our mobile devices. It is very crucial that we maintain a good healthy diet with exercise. There are times when it just becomes difficult to take the necessary break to enjoy a good relaxing meal during the afternoon or early evening. I have a bad habit of eating unhealthy snacks like cookies, chips, and microwave popcorn.

Technobrains Officially Becomes Canadian

Today – February 8, 2010 is a great day for Technobrains. The domain name www.technobrains.ca is now part of the Technobrains family. Now, Technobrains can be recognized as a true Canadian website. Open to the general public since 2002, Technobrains has become a valued website on the Internet for News and Reviews relating to ALL THINGS MOBILE. Currently, you will be redirected from www.technobrains.ca to www.technobrains.com but this may change in the future.

Toronto, Canada

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]Toronto, Canada is the home location for www.technobrains.com. Most of what we report and discuss on Technobrains are about products and services created and offered in the United States. There will be on occasion, products from Canada and overseas that catch our eye. With the vast number of mobility electronic products continuously being […]

Will Coins and Bills Eventually Disappear to be Replaced With an Electronic Wallet?

In Canada it is taken for granted that we can use our ATM/ABM (Automated Teller Machines – Automated Bank Machines) cards to buy gas, food at groceries, restaurants, liquor stores and elsewhere. Most places of business accept direct debit card transactions. Some places do pose a $5.00 minimum but that is a small price to pay for added convenience. Sure most countries accept credit cards for the same type of purchases but not always a debit card. Even in the United States, many states lack the acceptance of debit cards unless it is a debit card and credit card combination like a Mastercard debit card. These cards are not the same since you still need to top up the Mastercard debit card when the funds run low on the card.

In most Canadian cities, you have ATM/ABM machines in banks open 24/7, in convenience stores, bars and even ATM/ABM only locations. Some cities even have ATM/ABM drive thru. The only convenience area that still lacks the use of an ATM/ABM card is on vending machines. Some do exist but not a common sight yet. To carry cash or go to a bank to withdraw cash first before shopping is nolonger a neccessity. Many major retailers and businesses also allow a CASH BACK transaction with the purchase. This makes it truly convenient when you are strapped for time.

Mastercard Launches a FREE Mobile “ATM Hunter ” Application

Wassup! Today -The new “ATM Hunter” application from MasterCard for the iPhone and iPod touch enables users to locate the nearest ATM anywhere in the world they are. MasterCard ATM Hunter is the first in a series of FREE applications that MasterCard is developing specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Switching Over to Digital TV

Wassup! Today – Yesterday was the first official change over day in the United States for terrestrial TV from analog to digital. Complete change over is scheduled for mid June. I am still not 100% comfortable as to what should be changed when dealing with an older setup and what can be kept? I am located in Canada and the switchover is not until 2011 but I am located close enough to the United States that any good programming will come from US based stations. This means I need to change too.

TV Screen Choices For 2009

Wassup! Today – Here is a dilemma that many of you will be facing in the coming months if not at least before the end of 2009. Analog television is to be phased out in the United States on February 17, 2009. This means, anyone not with a digital or compatible TV will not be able to receive their local and specialty channels next year. In Canada, the deadline to switch over is not until August 31, 2011 but a good percentage of channels we get in Canada are from the United States.

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