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Universal Remote Controller on the Cheap

Rating 4.20 out of 5 [?]Sony, JVC, Akai, Onkyo, Marantz, McIntosh, Harman/Kardon, Denon, NAD, Nakamichi and Bang & Olufsen to name a few are manufacturers of hi-end quality home entertainment electronics. Most are not your typical brands seen in most homes due to the higher cost. With that being said, there are still a large number of users of these brands world […]

AcuTouch™ 9500 featuring HT-Connect™ App Now Available for U.S. Retail Sale

Connect to a personalized massage and wellness experience via iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch to feel better® everywhere

High Point, North Carolina (High Point Market) – October 16, 2010 – Human Touch®, the U.S. market leader of innovative massage chairs, Perfect Chair® Recliners, and other wellness solutions, announced that its AcuTouch™ 9500 featuring HT-Connect™ will be available for U.S. retail sale starting October 18.

Quick Look: Dust Off Your Old Cassette Tapes With the Tape Express Plus

So when was the last time you listened to something on a cassette tape?

With digital music having taken over the marketplace, the old cassette tapes are no longer something worth keeping. Some of you may still have some old cassette tapes with rare songs that are either not available in digital format or hard to find. Now you can preserve these old cassette tapes and transform them into digital format very easily. Ion Audio has created the Tape Express Plus which allows you to quickly transfer your cassette tapes to digital audio format (mp3).

Mobile Developer Magazine Launches

Rating 4.33 out of 5 [?]CALGARY, Alberta, October 1 — Mobile Developer Magazine (MDM) is a new industry publication by mobile developers, for mobile developers, and is now online at http://www.mobiledevmag.com/.  Mobile applications and architectures are evolving at an incredible speed; in order to grow with direction and success we must collaborate our knowledge.  Developers shape the […]

NFL in Canada

The National Football League or NFL for short is a major sporting event at many local sports bars in Toronto, Canada. We have our own Canadian Football League or CFL for short but the rules and field sizes are different. I personally enjoy watching the NFL more so over the CFL. The reasons for me are very simple. I find that the NFL overall spends more money promoting, recruiting, and on salaries that also translates to the networks doing the same. The overall NFL broadcasts are far more entertaining, starting with the vibrant and knowledgeable sports casters and the creative camera work in the studio and on field.

Quick Look: Coolpix S1000pi From Nikon

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?] Nikon pronounced – Ni·kon  /[nee-kawn]: has released a digital still camera with the first ever built in projector. This is really a COOL feature to have on a digital camera. It’s one of those nice to have and not a need to have feature but when time is of essence and […]

Quick Look: JH 13 Pro Custom Earbud Headphones From JH Audio

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]Headphones or more precisely earbud headphones have been around for many years. Most people nowadays buy digital music players that come with earbuds that are standard fair. Most sound good since they are designed to work with the paired digital music player. So what happens when the listener wants to improve the overall sound […]

Digital Camera Mondays: February 22

Today is one of those really gloomy days here in Toronto with snow flurries. Not ideal for picture taking since the lighting conditions and visibility are poor. This does not mean you cannot take some interesting shots though. To give you an idea, I took a couple shots from the top of my building. The first is of a chair covered in show and the other is a more distant view of the area. You can notice in both images a few white blotches which are actually larger clumps of show that appears out of focus.

Technobrains Officially Becomes Canadian

Today – February 8, 2010 is a great day for Technobrains. The domain name www.technobrains.ca is now part of the Technobrains family. Now, Technobrains can be recognized as a true Canadian website. Open to the general public since 2002, Technobrains has become a valued website on the Internet for News and Reviews relating to ALL THINGS MOBILE. Currently, you will be redirected from www.technobrains.ca to www.technobrains.com but this may change in the future.

Toronto, Canada

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]Toronto, Canada is the home location for www.technobrains.com. Most of what we report and discuss on Technobrains are about products and services created and offered in the United States. There will be on occasion, products from Canada and overseas that catch our eye. With the vast number of mobility electronic products continuously being […]

Quick Look: APPDOPE Website for iPhone

I was just contacted by Morgan Davies who runs www.appdope.com. This is website devoted to iPhone and iPod Touch related software promotions. This site keeps track of newly released software and monitors existing software for price drops and other incentives that benefit the end user.

Every Friday, www.appdope.com also gives away promotional codes to various software titles. According to Morgan, they currently have available over 50 promotional codes to giveaway. Anyone that owns an iPhone or iPod Touch should check out APPDOPE on a regular basis and especially on Fridays. You will need to register an account on APPDOPE and follow the links associated with the giveaway apps to qualify for the promo giveaways. I would suggest you go to www.appdope.com to get the whole story and enjoy what this great website has to offer.

Apple iPad is Full of Juice

I having been reading various comments coming out of yesterdays Apple announcement on the Apple iPad. Some are positive but some are also on the negative side. Overall the impression I have is that the Apple iPad will do well once it becomes available. The starting price of $499.00 USD for the 16 Gb version is enough to peak interest in most people. I feel the Apple iPad is full of juice and not an over hyped product.

The iPad seems to be situated right in the middle of the smartphone and laptop category as far as functionality goes. No other ebook reader on the market currently or coming out this year except for the enTourage eDGe can be placed in the same category. Most are specifically ebook readers with some added online capabilities.

Quick Look: QSTARZ BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer with eXtreme 5Hz log speed

A new handheld GPS unit comes to market with high speed data logging. Typically, a GPS device has been used to capture the location of the user at any given timeframe. Also, GPS units are allowing the user to keep more details about the actual trip like:

Total distance travelled
Total time taken
Average speed for the trip
Waypoints to determine actual route taken

Science Fiction Meets Science Reality

Remember the movie “Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home”? Scotty needed to create a tank onboard to house two hump backed whales. He gave the technical specs to a manufacturer to create a sheet of transparent aluminum. A lab at Oxford University has now created such a transparent aluminum sheet. Now a company called Skiff will be releasing an ebook reader later this year which uses a thin transparent metallic layer instead of glass to protect the screen underneath. The silicon thin film transistors (TFT) are also on a flexible stainless steel substrate which makes the whole screen shatterproof and crack proof.

MSI: Musical Keyboard for your iPhone and iPod Touch

I have been a fan of MIDI ever since it became popular in the 80′s. In the 90′s MIDI controller keyboards became available that removed much of the sound processing and programming power from the actual keyboard synthesizer and relied on an external computer system as the source. This was revolutionary for those limited in budget but more importantly allowed musicians to use the keyboard mainly for playing and rely totally on the computer sequencing software to control the MIDI data. Most sequencing software at the time did not recognize specific makes and models of keyboard synths therefore manufacturer specific features were not directly accessible via the various computer music programs when someone used a full featured synthesizer.

I must have a twin working for ION Audio or a designer there must have read my mind. I say this because I have always wanted an external musical keyboard that I could dock into a handheld computer. Not connect via cable like to a laptop but have the keyboard actually merged with the handheld like the Windows Mobile device when they first came out.

Quick Look: WEPC.COM – Design Your Own Laptop

It is rare for a manufacturer to ask the general public openly for input and feedback on their next design project. ASUS a populur laptop and motherboard manufacturer that has teamed up with Intel a popular computer chip manufacturer to do just that. The website located at www.wepc.com allows you to send ASUS and Intel your ultimate laptop design details and the online community will discuss and vote on the designs submitted. Down the road, ASUS and Intel will take the most requested features or design concept and turn it into an actual product.

Que proReader vs enTourage eDGe

Full page ebook readers will be a huge market this year. With declining PC and netbook sales, the next surge will be tablet PC’s or more importantly PC/ebook/touch screen devices. No more DVD-ROMs, physical hard drives, expensive operating system upgrades or the $1000.00+ price tag.

CES LIVE: Jamie Sorcher Introduces Some of the Latest Products For 2010

Jamie Sorcher joins Bob Katayama from the floor of this years Consumer Electronics Show to tell us about some of the NEW and HOT products for 2010. Just Click the image below to watch:

Products Covered:
LG Next Generation Blu-Ray
Panasonic 3D Television
Polk Audio’s HitMaster
Entourage Edge
Logitech’s Lapdesk

Interview With Jamie Sorcher Live From the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

I just had the pleasure of interviewing Jamie Sorcher and Jamie showcased 5 of the NEW and HOT products for 2010.

Products Covered:
Panasonic 3D Television
LG Next Generation Blu-Ray
Polk Audio’s HitMaster
Entourage Edge
Logitech’s Lapdesk
I will be posting the actual video once completed in the next day or two.

Stay tuned.

Bob Katayama Executive Editor

DIY Digital Camera Kit For Kids

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?] Digital Camera Thursdays – December 24: I can remember when I was a little kid, I would take many things apart with a simple screwdriver. I was curious on how a winding alarm clock or a wrist watch looked on the inside. Sometimes, I would wind up breaking a part or […]

Magellan(R) Launches Premium Car Kit for iPhone and iPod Touch

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]New Cradle Provides Complete Hands-Free Navigation Solution SANTA CLARA, Calif. Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ — Magellan, one of the leading GPS brands, today announced an innovative new vehicle mount for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and second generation iPod touch. With a built-in GPS receiver for improved navigation accuracy, the Premium […]

MSI: Paper-thin Batteries Made from Algae

A number of researchers worldwide are developing paper thin batteries that will allow for paper thin products to hit the consumer shelves in the coming years. One concept being developed use algae which is available all around the world in large quantities. These batteries will be thin and light enough to be combined with traditional paper, fabric or solid material coatings to create all sorts of interactive displays and surface changing features.

Quote from www.livescience.com

“Scientists worldwide are striving to develop thin, flexible, lightweight, inexpensive, environmentally friendly batteries made entirely from nonmetal parts. Among the most promising materials for these batteries are conducting polymers.”

Potential 2012 Christmas gifts from the minds eye of Bob Katayama:

Technobrains Create QUICK LOOK Logo Program For Recommended Products

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Today, www.technobrains.com would like to announce that products that are recommended by our editors/writers can have a “QUICK LOOK Recommended” logo proudly associated with the product. Manufacturers and developers can use this “QUICK LOOK Recommended” logo on their website as part of their product literature and/or packaging. The popularity of the QUICK LOOK […]

QUICK LOOK Logo Program

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Technobrains now has a QUICK LOOK Logo Program. This simple program allows any manufacturer or developer to proudly display the QUICK LOOK Recommended Logo on their website, product literature and/or packaging once Technobrains has deemed a product worth recommending. The process is very simple; Manufacturer or developer submits product to […]

FLip UltraHD vs KODAK Zx1 Pocket Video Camera

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?] Small unibody digital cameras are starting to become very popular for those that would like to have a camera handy anytime. The two most recognizable products currentlyavailable are the FLip Nino/Ultra series and the KODAK Zi/Zx series. All are approximately the size of a disposal camera and have simplified controls. For the […]

Have You FLipped Out Yet? – FLip Ultra From Pure Digital

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]I just received a first generation FLip Video camcorder and I had to make this post as soon as I could. This is certainly old news but until I actually got my hands on one of these FLip cams, I had no idea how good the product actually is. If I was to […]

Nexus One Google Phone Sneak Peak

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Well, it had to happen eventually. The first images and details about an Android 2.1 based Google phone are now available. The details are still limited but if the information is accurate, the phone should be available for purchase unlocked. This would be great news for someone like myself that would […]

Google Chrome Users Rejoice: An RSS Feed Reader Fix Available Online

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]I just discovered that our RSS feed is not accessible through Google Chrome. Seems that Google Chrome does not have the RSS support built in at this stage of development. I was able to find an online solution that can be added easily to the Google Chrome Bookmark Bar. First, […]

MSI: Watching Videos Directly on Your iPod Touch

Downloading videos to my iPod Touch is a real pain just as it has been with most of my music files. Early last year, I used to search the Internet for hacks and applications that would allow me to download videos from Youtube. I finally came across a version of RealPlayer which allows me to download the Youtube video and watch it anytime without streaming/downloading the same file from Youtube each time. Whenever I go to a video on Youtube or some of the other sites, I can mouse over the video and see a download video link appear on the top right of the Adobe Flash based video. Once I click the link, the video is automatically downloaded onto my laptop. This was a great Internet Explorer plugin that came with the FREE RealPlayer download.

Paragon Software Releases Handy Safe Pro Software, Advanced Mobile Data Protection for Windows Mobile Phones

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Professional Level of Private Data Protection, Strong Encryption and Password Security, Finger-friendly Interface and Smooth PC Sync Freiburg, GERMANY – December, 2009 – Paragon Software Group announces the release of Handy Safe Pro, the new professional version of the best-selling private data storage application for Windows Mobile devices (Symbian S60 […]

Eye-Fi Collaborates With Google’s Picasa to Make Storing and Sharing Memories Easier

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Consumers Who Buy 200GB or More of Extra Google Storage Receive a Free Eye-Fi Card in Time for the Holidays MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Dec. 8, 2009 — Today Eye-Fi Inc. announced a collaboration with Google’s Picasa that makes sharing and storing memories effortless, just in time for the holidays.  […]

Free For All Weekend: Why I Purchased an iPod Touch

Many of you have known me as a long time Windows Mobile PDA user. During the period of 2004 – 2008, I was also a Microsoft Valuable Professional in the mobility category for my contributions to the Windows Mobile online community. Since 2008, I have noticed a wave of iPhone and iPod Touch users. As with the older iPod devices, these users mainly listened to their vast collection of music and watched the odd TV show or movie. In early 2008, Windows Mobile developers started to contact me for reviews on iPhones and iPod Touch devices. Since I did not own an Apple product, I was not in any position to accept their offer.

As months past, I started to notice a decline in the release of new Windows Mobile games and applications. Looking into this immediately indicated that many Windows Mobile developers had started to expand into the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch arena. I would not have thought twice about this market switch if it was not for the fact that these games and applications were being made available on the iTunes store for 99 cents. Typically a similar game or application on the Windows Mobile would be anywhere from $9.95 – $19.95 with some being much higher. Initially, I took this as a introductory trend and within 4 – 6 months I felt I would start to see a large number of iPhone and iPod Touch applications appear in the $10.00 price range or higher.

Great Deals on iPhone Accessories From Wireless Ground

It’s always great when you can pickup some excellent deals a month before Christmas. Wireless Ground has a large number of deals available for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Many of the deals are 50% off or greater. Also Wireless ground has FREE shipping for purchases over $50.00 USD and a flat rate of $3.95 for purchases under $50.00. You cannot miss this opportunity to purchase an Apple accessory before the Christmas sale is over.

Digital Music Fridays: Alternative to iTunes on Windows

Being a long time PC user, I had also started to use a Mac for artistic reasons in the last 3 years. The Mac computer excels in areas like photo editing, music editing, and various other multimedia based applications. One aspect of the Apple line that I have never really embraced is the iTunes application. I have always enjoyed other PC based applications like Real Player and even Windows Media Player.

I recently acquired a third generation iPod Touch and the more I try to get comfortable with iTunes, the more I dislike iTunes. I have problems transfering or syncing my music collection easily to the ipod Touch due to DRM issues or others issues which the iTune application does not clearly indicate. Transfering files over to the iPod as a generic file is not possible through iTunes. There is no way to see the iPod Touch as a physical drive letter or folder to transfer files to. Everything must be imported into iTunes for syncing and all the non Apple acceptable files cannot be imported for syncing.

MSI: Missil MP4 Player Video Conversion Issues

Over the past few days, I have been looking into the Missil Line of Mp4 players. These seem to be popping up in clearance centres and discount stores at reasonable prices. Scouring the Internet seems to indicate that many users are having problems playing the various video file formats that are indicated as being suppported.

The problem with the Missil line of Mp4 media players are that the devices are old. The formats supported by the hardware are those that where popular over 2 years ago. To clarify, many of the current video files available for download like Avi, WMS, MP4, MPEG, all use an internal codec that are more upto date and are not backward compatible. Unless the software or firmware on the Missil MP4 players can be updated to handle the newer codec, these current files cannot be played or even recognized as a valid video file format.

Tech Buyers Guide

Populare Science Magazine has made available their Tech Buyers Guide online for FREE viewing.


GPS Wednesdays: November 25th

Tips on Buying a Useful Car Navigation GPS
Knowing exactly what you need in a GPS device is very important before making the leap to buying one. There are car navigation versions, mobile versions, marine plus GPS add-ons for PDA and computers. All can be used or adapted for use in the car but none are suited specifically for use in the car like a true car navigation GPS.

TIPS When Buying:

GoPro HD Hero vs ContourHD – Extreme Sport Digital Camera

Extreme Sports have been very popular in the last 20+ years. It has always been a challenge for these sports enthusiasts to visually document their amazing accomplishments. Digital cameras have allowed many in the past 10 years or so to strap on a handheld camera to their helmet or carry as they performed their daredevil stunts. These cameras are bulky and prone to all sorts of problems. Within the last 2 years, we have seen some interesting advances in portable HD camera designs. The two cameras I will compare are specifically designed for the extreme sports enthusiast to strap on and record their achievements in 1080p HD video.

Free For All Weekend – November 22nd

We are now in the tail end of November and we have experienced one of the best November weather in a good number of years. This has allowed me to devote more time outdoors instead of being under the covers staying warm. To maximize the enjoyment of this great weather, I have been taking part in various activities. Most activities are those that allowed me to get some exercise and enjoy the simple things in life.

Are You Addicted to Twitter? – If so, You Need This New Device Called the TwitterPeek.

I thought carrying a cellphone, point and shoot camera, MP3 player and a PDA was bad enough. How about adding a TwitterPeek device to the collection? This new offering seems like a great addition to the geeky mobile person I have become. It is a simple device that allows you send and receive emails plus do twittering on the go. The cost of the device is not cheap though. At $199.00 USD, it is not a really high cost but the advanatge is it comes with a lifetime of free service with no added cost or contracts. There is the option to buy a unit for only $99.00 USD with a 6 months worth of free service and the added service fee afterwards is only $7.95 per month USD which is not bad either.

Will this technology really take off?

Will Coins and Bills Eventually Disappear to be Replaced With an Electronic Wallet?

In Canada it is taken for granted that we can use our ATM/ABM (Automated Teller Machines – Automated Bank Machines) cards to buy gas, food at groceries, restaurants, liquor stores and elsewhere. Most places of business accept direct debit card transactions. Some places do pose a $5.00 minimum but that is a small price to pay for added convenience. Sure most countries accept credit cards for the same type of purchases but not always a debit card. Even in the United States, many states lack the acceptance of debit cards unless it is a debit card and credit card combination like a Mastercard debit card. These cards are not the same since you still need to top up the Mastercard debit card when the funds run low on the card.

In most Canadian cities, you have ATM/ABM machines in banks open 24/7, in convenience stores, bars and even ATM/ABM only locations. Some cities even have ATM/ABM drive thru. The only convenience area that still lacks the use of an ATM/ABM card is on vending machines. Some do exist but not a common sight yet. To carry cash or go to a bank to withdraw cash first before shopping is nolonger a neccessity. Many major retailers and businesses also allow a CASH BACK transaction with the purchase. This makes it truly convenient when you are strapped for time.

Digital Camera Mondays: November 16th

Many amateur photographers feel that they lack the quality in their photos since their equipment they use is not as great as those used by professional photographers. Professionals do have an advantage over amateurs purely by the fact that their equipment are more expensive and higher in imaging quality. This does not automatically mean someone with an expensive camera will always take better photos. Many professionals lack one element when on a photo shoot. This element is time therefore many professionals use the more expensive cameras to allow them to quickly adjust and set the camera for the ever changing lighting conditions or use equipment that is specifically suited for the condition they are shooting in. Lower priced consumer cameras take much longer to adjust for each shooting condition meaning the opportunity to take that one money making shot could be lost.

Today, I wanted to discuss how you can utilize your existing camera equipment to improve your photos since time is not an issue. First and foremost is you need to understand the ins and outs of your current camera. All digital cameras have a number of buttons that allow for customization. Be it from adjusting the ISO setting, white balance, how the camera focuses, if the flash is on or off etc. . .

Quick Photo Tip – Using the Point and Shoot Auto Focus

Most amateur photographers are in a hurry when taking photos. At a gathering, picnic, concert or just taking photos in general, most users just press the shutter button and hope for the best. One specific feature built into all cameras that most take for granted is the auto focus. Most people feel that just the press of the button to shoot the image is sufficient for the camera to focus and take that good photo. In many situations, this is not the case. Many point and shoot cameras lack the speed in making the proper adjustments in that micro second available during the press of the shutter button. Therefore, all camera makers provide the ability for the camera to auto focus by pressing the shutter button half way for 3 – 5 seconds before pressing the shutter button all the way to snap the photo.

Pimp Your Tech – Tips on How to Accessorize Our Favorite Gadgets

Users of electronic devices can truly enhance the enjoyment of their device with the addition of accessories. Power and performance improvements are just some of the added benefits. There are accessories geared towards kids, students and the budget conscious.

Technobrains.com Interviews Colleen Lerro From the Consumer Electronics Association

At 9:15 am this morning, I had the privilege of interviewing Colleen Lerro from the Consumer Electronics Association over the telephone. For those not familiar with the CEA, CEA produces the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas). If you have never been to the Consumer Electronics Show, you have to make a trek at least once to experience this grand showcase in person of thousands of new consumer products.

Portable Power in Style: Jumpstart Chargers Keep Your Devices Always Powered

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?] Sleek, attractive designs perfect for the active lifestyle; cell phones, smart phones, handheld games and other USB devices   AVANEL, NJ. 29, 2009 – Digipower, makers of mobile power solutions for electronic devices, today announced the launch of the Jumpstart family of universal chargers led by its flagship product […]

CyberLink Partners with VIA to Deliver Lossless HD Audio Playback with Blu-ray Content Protection

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?] Taipei, Taiwan—May 27, 2009—CyberLink Corporation (5203.TW), innovative solutions provider for the connected digital lifestyle, announced today its partnership with VIA Technologies, Inc. to enable the VIA Vinyl VT1818S and VT1828S HD audio codecs within PowerDVD, delivering unsurpassed HD audio playback at 192kHz/24bit.  The VIA Vinyl VT1818S and VT1828S are […]

Review: Portable Clickfree Automated External Backup From Storage Appliance Corporation

Wassop! Tuday – The common problem with doing a backup of my computers is dealing with opened files and opened programs always meant saving and closing the applications before doing a backup. Using the computer while the backup was taking place meant not having access to the computer. Installation of automated backup software always promised simple and headache FREE operations but this was never the case with all backup software I have used. The setup alone would be a nightware to configure. Did I want a file backup, mirror backup, backup right away, schedule a backup, uncompressed files, compressed files, encrypted files, incremental backup, overwrite old files and many more annoying decisions to make before you can start the backup process. If I forget to leave the computer on or the backup drive installed on my laptop, a message usually appears the next time I turn on the laptop that the scheduled backup was not completed and provide options but usually meant I would just reschedule. Sometimes missing 2 – 3 backup sessions.

Watch Quality TV For FREE with a $2.99 Upgrade

Wassup! Today – Over the past 10 years or so, I was subscribing to cable TV that was not the greatest as far as the picture quality goes. The lower channels from 6 – 2 would always be grainy and the rest would get worse over time. Every 6 to 8 months, I would have to bleed the cable line to eliminate the static build up. The first time I ran into poor quality, I called the cable company and that was all the repair person did. Attach a fancy device to the incoming cable line and remove the static built up in the cabling. Over the years, I would resort to bleeding the cable line myself by attaching a self made cable adapter that would connect to the radiator piping. after about 5 minutes, I would reconnect the cable to the TV and the picture quality would be better.

Review: Bluetooth Stereo Sunglasses From Trispecs

Wassup! Today – Bluetooth headsets have become very popular in the last couple of years since many countries have instituted a law prohibiting drivers from using a cell phone that is held against your ear while driving. Most of these Bluetooth headsets have been the mono/single earpiece design. The lack of wireless stereo headsets was mainly due to the fact that a phone conversation is mono in nature plus the lack of software or Bluetooth stereo profile support. Now that the proper stereo profile A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution profile) and the remote control profile AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) has been created, we are able to take advantage of the stereo music that many cell phones support now wirelessly. To add more style and functionality to the wireless stereo music enjoyment and cell phone call access, Trispecs has combined the stereo Bluetooth headset support into a stylist pair of sunglasses.

Review: Siso Tablo From Hantech

Wassup! Today – The Siso Tablo from www.hantech.ca is certainly an interesting product to review. First off, I have been using a Wacom 4 X 6 drawing tablet for some time now. Great for drawing programs, navigating quickly on Internet Explorer and numerous other programs. The problem I have always had with the Wacom was I cannot easily use it with my laptop when the desk space is limited. The added space required for the Wacom drawing tablet is always an issue. Taking the tablet on the road is not really convenient also. Now the Siso Tablo solves the limited desk space issue nicely and is made for convenient use on the road as well.

The Popularity of The Linux Operating System

Wassup! Today – I just read an article HERE by Preston Gralla that states in conclusion, “Linux will never become a mainstream operating system on desktops, and so for client machines, it will remain largely confined to netbooks. Market surveys have shown that Linux sales on netbooks have plunged to only 10% of netbooks.

Given that, how will Linux ever reach 10% to 20% of the market? The answer: It never will. It will remain a niche operating system, and a very good one at that.”

Has Android Already Failed?

Wassup! Today – Has Android Already Failed? is the title for a post written by Sacha Segan for www.pcmag,com. Is this truly the trend we see in Google Android? I do not feel that the Google Android is ready to be classified as a dead operating system just yet. The main point to his argument is that the company is already pushing the Android OS for use on other categores like laptops, set-top boxes and cars plus the first offering through HTC was not an overwhelming success. What I feel Sacha is missing is that it takes a long period of exposure and updates before the operating system can fully mature. By introducing the OS to other categories, this will allow drivers, OS upgrades, and applications to be created that appeal to a wider market. The very first G1 from HTC was really a launch to get the product into the hands of third party developers and mobility geeks to showcase how robust Android is and the simplicity to customize.

Handmark Provides End to End Store Front Solutions For Independent Developers

Wassup! Today – Handmark has just announced their own mobile solution for independent developers to quickly create a branded online App Store that allows for maximum sales potential. The announcement does not go into any details about this new offering. Questions that stll need answering:

MSI: The Deal Between Lexcycle and Amazon.com

Wassup! Today -The BLOG @ Lecycle.com has announced that their product STANZA and the company has been bought by Amazon. The company created about 1 year ago released STANZA on the APPLE APP Store for FREE. I was curious to find out why this deal was important to Amazon and what STANZA really offered that was appealing. There are a number of other e-book reading software available for the iPhone also like:

Walking Down the APPLE Memory Lane

Wassup! Today -It has been almost 33 years since Steve Jobs first started APPLE Computers. Since his absence from the company from January of 2009, the company seems to be very quiet. There is a good online history of Steve Jobs and APPLE posted HERE by The New York Times. It is truly amazing to see how APPLE has actually gone from a small company offering the original APPLE II computer to the company it is today.

Bluetooth Trispecs Stereo Fashion Eyewear

Wassup! Today – Everywhere I go nowadays, I see someone talking and walking as if they are talking to themselves. It is not until I take a closer look that I realize they have one of the many mono Bluetooth headset connected wirelessly to their cell phone. A few years back Oakley released an MP3 player embedded inside a pair of fashion sunglasses. Currently the various models range from $270.00 – $390.00 CAD.

Quick Look: Cinemin Swivel Pico DLP Video Projector

Wassup! Today – Last year the big news in video projection was the release of various Texas Instruments DLP processor based pico handheld projectors. Another version will hit the market soon called the Cinemin Swivel. This is one of the smallest I have discovered thus far. Designed to connect to a number of mobile devices including the Apple iPhone.

Quick Look: External Hard Drive Backup From Clickfree

Wassup! Today – External backup systems have been around almost as long as laptops. There are numerous backup choices out there from various hard drive manufacturers and memory manufacturers like Maxtor and Lexar. A new backup manufacturer has appeared on the scene called Clickfree. This manufacturer offers a selection of external hard drives that require no software installation and configuration. All you do is plug the drive into a USB port and forget about it. The package automatically recognizes over 400 file types. The laptop I am currently writing this post on has a 70 Gb hard drive therefore I would require 80+ to be comfortable that an external drive can backup everything contained on this unit. Clickfree sells various sizes and the starting size is 120 Gb with the cost being $89.99. This is a great deal for an external USB backup drive that is small and requires no software installation or configuration.

Free For All Weekend: April 25

Wassup! Today – Protecting Your Kids
More and more parents are now getting cell phones for their teen and pre-teens in an effort to protect them and make them safer. For the most part, I do not blame the parents for this rise in cell phone usage by kids. The manner in which the industry is promoting the services is the main culprit. Companies are making cell phones in sizes and colors that appeal to young kids This article on MSNBC covers some of these phones for kids. Another promotional avenue is for cell phone carriers is to provide a family plan and also have special deals on phones like BUY ONE and GET ONE FREE. The ability to interact with TV shows and radio programs geared towards kids via SMS messaging is another way companies can get more kids to use cell phones and generates added revenue.

Digital Music Fridays: April 24

Wassup! Today -Kurzweil Keyboard

I have been a huge fan of Kurzweil keyboards ever since there first release in 1983 of the K250. Kurzweil recently released the PC361 Controller. This keyboard has 61-note lightly-weighted synth action with velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys with 128 voice polyphony and over 850 preset sounds. This keyboard is like having a synthesizer, controller keyboard and sequencer in one unit. The PC361 is a MIDI sythesizer which uses the newer MIDI through USB connection which allows for the fastest data rate possible for the MIDI signal. You can find the full specifications HERE. Plenty of onboard controls that can be accessed from the computer connected via the USB.

Review: Cyberlink PowerDirector 7

Wassup! Today – Video editing has suddenly become a huge hobby for many with the popularity of YOUTUBE and other online video sharing websites. I have never been a fan of software that comes packaged with the video hardware equipment. If it was possbile to purchase the hardware only and save a few dollars I would do so. Many professionals use software from a company called Avid which makes the Avid Media Composer 3.5. This is an online and offline editor which allows you to create a low res copy of the original as a working copy and then transfer all the reference data back to the master copy for final rendering. Great piece of software but unfortunately for most of us, the software is just too expensive @ $2500.00 USD and has a high learning curve. This is where a software program like Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 7 comes in.

Open Source Hardware the Wave of New Mobility Products

Wassup! Today – Yesterday, I briefly touched on the topic of OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE by mentioning an innovative device being introduced on TED. I have been aware of a group called Bug Labs that have been doing some creative designs for some time now. What is uniquely special about Bug Labs design is that all their OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE products are modular and designed to fit the form factor of all their other modular products.

The Future of Mobile Interactive Devices

Wassup! Today – A presentation of a device being developed has been posted on TED. This device has been created using off the shelf products for $350.00 USD and has a huge potential in making our lives so much easier and more intuitive. To really appreciate what this device can do, you have to go HERE to see the short video.

Technobrains Now on Twitter. . .

Wassup! Today – Social networking sites are truly exploding even with the recession. I have been reluctant until now to be apart of an online social network since email alone is a full time activity on to itself. The beauty of twitter is that what you say is limited to 140 characters only. All you do is answer one question – “what are you doing”? Interested twitterers or twits can follow you and leave comments if interested. It’s a great way to let people in a private or public group know what you are up to without getting into too much details.

Mastercard Launches a FREE Mobile “ATM Hunter ” Application

Wassup! Today -The new “ATM Hunter” application from MasterCard for the iPhone and iPod touch enables users to locate the nearest ATM anywhere in the world they are. MasterCard ATM Hunter is the first in a series of FREE applications that MasterCard is developing specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch.

PDA Tuesdays: April 14

Wassup! Today! Get an Accessroy for Your Mobile Device Tomorrow and Recieve a 25% Discount
PPCTECH is offerring a 25% discount on all accessory orders processed tomorrow April 15th. If you have a PDA, cell phone or iPod, you can go to www.ppctech.com to place your order. Use the code TAXDISC09 during check out in the special instructions/comments field to recieve your discount.

Google Releases Update to Android Software

GPS Wednesdays: April 08

Wassup! Today – Real World Interactions Using Yellowpin
The next generation of social lifestyle tool is now available. The product is called Yellowpin and originally appeared on Facebook as an add-on application. It’s a very simple application to use and take advantage of. Anyone with a SMS capable phone can easily send a text message and have their activity and location made available to all their buddies in the social network.

MSI: Plug in Computers

Wassup! Today – Awhile back I had reviewed a product that allows you to use your home wiring to extend your networking capabilities. The product called the Megaplug AV is available for $169.00 USD. This product uses two boxes about the size of a standard electrical outlet plate. The Pogoplug is a similar sized box that allows you to configure any USB based mass storage device for access via the Internet for $99.00 USD. Once you connect the Pogoplug to an electrical outlet and connect your Internet router and an external mass stoarge device, you can go online and configure the device for access via the Internet. This means files stored on the mass storage device can be accessed while on the road or made available on a website via my.pogoplug.com website. You can send a simple link to files and images to friends and family easily using this device. No more third party websites, like www.flickr.com, smugmug.com and others required to host your public images or sensitive files.

Digital Camera Mondays: April 6

Wassup! Today -30 Megapixel DSLR Camera From Pentax

I just came across a Japanese article released by Pentax that a 30 megapixel camera will be released in the near future. I was wondering when I read this how many megapixels do we actually need in the end? I thought maybe a fair comparison would be the human eye and I did some looking around. According to wiki.answers.com, The human eye has a resolution of anywhere from 324 megapixels to 576 megapixels depending on the actual field of view angle that is used. Now if these numbesr are accurate, certainly we still have a long ways to go to matching the quality our eyes can reproduce.

MSI: Siso Tablo For Laptops

Wassup! Today -A few years back, I had invested in a new laptop from Dell. The Dell Inspiron 6000 series which cost around $1200.00 at the time. The price was very reasonable for all the bells and whistles it came with. Around the same time, many companies also manufactured tablet PCs which where laptops with a built in stylus. Generally costing around $2000.00+. The advantage of a stylus can be truly experienced when using a graphic related application like Adobe Photoshop. The pinpoint accuracy of the stylus makes free hand drawing directly on the screen that much more enjoyable in the end compared to using a mouse.

Digital Music Fridays: April 3

Wassup! Today -Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Music Player

Everywhere I go nowadays on the subway, I see people with an Apple music player of some kind. Various iPods, iPhone and the iTouch are certainly popular. I on the other hand use a traditional MP3 player or a Windows Mobile device for listening to music. For me, it has always been a Microsoft Windows CE based PDA for listening to music. There are a number of reasons why I stay with a Windows Mobile device but the main one is that most of my music is in a Mp3 format.

Digital Music Fridays: March 27

Wassup! Today – Headphones Reviews
This is a website dedicated to reviewing headphones only and is located at www.goodcans.com.

Digital Imaging Thursdays: March 26

Wassup! Today – Photo of the Day:

I had the opportunity last year to take a tour of a Canadian Friget in Toronto. The military band was playing on the docks and I captured this image of just the tuba section.

GPS Wednesdays: March 25

Wassup! Today – GPS Tracking Online
If you have ever watched any of the Police dramas on TV, you would certainly seen them use a system online that allows the police to enter a phone number and have the users location detected on a map. Now, you can do this yourself by going to the Mobile Tracker and entering the persons phone number. Actually this is not a real system but a joke system setup by the folks at www.megapranks.com. You can enter a phone number to track or not enter a number at all and click the Start Searching button. You will eventually see a map and then watch the satellite camera zoom right into the actual location of the user. Of course this is just but an intertaining one for a short period. You will certainly see what I mean once you go to the link above and try this out yourself.

New Syndicated Feed From Technoblabber -Please Excuse the Hiccups

Wassup! Today – The latest Syndicated feed is coming from www.technoblabber.com. It’s run by “2 Dudes Rambling About Neat Stuff” and they are new to the blog scene. They are still working their way around Wordpress and you may see some broken feeds now and then. They are learning quick but more importantly have some unique views on technology which you will certainly enjoy reading.

Quick Look: Warfare Incorporated From Spiffcode

Wassup! Today – This is one game that really intrigued me when I first tried it a couple of years ago on the i-Mate Jasjar. The Windows Mobile version has great graphics and a complex gaming artificial intelligence. Warfare Incorporated is a RTS realtime strategy game similar to the old Sim City and Sim Earth type of games in which you must built your community over time. The difference is that elements of a war game like Command and Conquer have been added.

Digital Music Fridays: February 13

Wassup! Today – MIDI Music (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

It has been over 25 years since the MIDI standard was established giving birth to all sorts of synthesizer New Wave music in the 80′s . It is amazing that the General MIDI Standard is still supported today with a number of newer extended formats available. I am disappointed in some ways that MIDI has not really become a household name defining music composition, electronic music programming and as a general form of study for music enthusiasts. My impression is that MIDI is still considered as some kind of BLACK BOX used by hardcore dance music creators or known as a file format used for ring tone use only.

Digital Imaging Thursdays: February 12

Wassup! Today – Digital Video Camera:
In the last 3 years or so, we have started to see the introduction of HD digital video cameras and the lowering of prices of video cameras in general. $2000.00 USD was the normal price range for a basic digital video camera. Now we are starting to see a number of choices in the $500.00 – $1000.00 USD price range. This certainly will get more and more individuals into purchasing a digital video camera to capture those important family moments.
One of the common problems with video camera users is the ability to immediately view the movies conveniently. Old technology involved a VHS tape that allowed you to easily remove the tape from the camera and insert into your video cassette player. Now we are dealing with an internal hard drive or a removable memory card which is not supported by standard video players. This means connecting the video camera directly to your TV each time you would like to watch the video. For some, this is as simple as plugging the camera into the AV jacks on the front of the TV. Unfortunately, many will have to deal with the connections on the back of the older TV which can be a real pain to reach.

Why Not Stargaze on St. Valentine’s Day?

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Use Star Walk or AstroNavigator on your mobile for it You are running out of ideas for Valentine’s day, you are bored of the usual presents but you still want to impress your partner. We have the right suggestion for you: give your lover the sky. With a simple click […]

GPS Wednesdays: First Ever Post For GPS Wednesdays

Wassup! Today – Every Wednesday, I will be posting a digest of GPS related topics that will keep you informed about the current GPS marketplace and activities. Most of you may think of a GPS as a lazy mans way of finding your way around town but a GPS can be more than that. I will try to enlighten you about how a GPS can improve your daily life and make the technology as simple to access as possible. GPS technology is one of those very expensive military projects that was turned into a free consumer service that we can all take advantage of. Read GPS Wednesdays to stay up to date on this exciting technology.
Types of GPS Units

Classic Technobrains Reviews

I have pulled some of the Classic Technobrains Reviews from the depths of the Technobrains vault for your viewing pleasure.

Quick Look: iMP Amp From Z.VEX

Over the years mobile digital music players have gotten smaller with more power and capabilities. Home stereos on the other hand are still mostly the standard deep dish pizza box size. If you ever take a close look at the inside of most home stereo systems, the circuitry is almost non existent compared to the amount of space available. Consumers have been duped into thinking all stereo components must be a certain size and fit into a standard cabinet. Manufacturers have also used this larger size to an advantage to maximize profit. In the day, when stereo equipment consisted of vacuum tubes, and large capacitors, manufacturers had to produce large amplifiers to maximize the power and sound output. Now companies like Z.VEX have combined the technology of old with the technology of new and produced the “worlds smallest vacuum tube stereo amplifier”.

Quick Look: PhoneyCall From AIM Productions

Every once in awhile, a product comes out that falls into the “What the Huh? category. PhoneyCall is one of those recent product that I just came across. My first impression was why would you want a phoney call? Do we not get enough calls during the day that on most days you wish you had left your phone at home?

Quick Look: Beamz Laser Beam Musical Instrument

I have always been intrigued with synthesizers and electronic music ever since Robert Moog created the first analog Synthesizer. Numerous variations have been created ever since and the electronic synthesizer has been the norm in many bands and musical groups. Now a new device called the Beamz has come along that takes music to a whole new world. The Beams is another revolutionary musical product but this time it is geared towards non musically skilled individuals.

Review: Ferguson Hill FH007 Speaker System with FH008 Subwoofer

Rating 3.33 out of 5 [?] Reviewed Hardware: Speaker System for Mobile Music Devices Manufacturer: Ferguson Hill Fergusan Hill FH007 and FH008 Mini Sound System I love my music. . . Unfortunately I do not love the fact that I require a hard drive on my PC to store my digital music files, a memory […]

Review: MegaPlug AV From Actiontec

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]When it comes to home networking the current philosophy is no wiring. Anyone with an internet account at home and multiple computers will certainly have a wired or wireless router to share one account between many computers. Those that use a wired router know that running wires around a home […]

Review: Wi-Fi Detective from Startech

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]   The Wi-Fi Detective from Startech.com is a must have for any mobile Wi-Fi user. The device is small and very simple to use. Whenever you need to access a public Wi-Fi connection, you can verify the signal and strength very quickly.   First let me describe what the […]

Review: Able Planet Clear Harmony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?] Ever since SONY released their first SONY Walkman, I have purchased headphones from the simple in-ear to the more professional sealed studio quality headphones. In many cases the headphones are geared for specific uses therefore, I would have a pair for my home stereo, my MP3 player, my Windows […]

TechnoReview: emWave Personal Stress Reliever

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]The emWave Personal Stress Reliever is a device created by a company called HeartMath. The company states that this product was created based on 15 years of research on the relationship between the heart, brain, stress and emotions. I have spent a number of months evaluating the device.     […]

TechnoReview: Universal PDA Case From Prima Cases

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]  Review: Universal Premium Leather Vertical Holster for most PDA’s from Primacases.com Technoreview by Jack Turner (jckrenrut) First Glance The first thing I noticed about this case is that it is shiny. Odd as that may seem, it is made of extremely well crafted leather and has a very nice […]

TechnoReview: Codewallet Pro

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]Codewallet Pro 6 From Developer One Technoreview by Jack Turner (jckrenrut) Information…organized Whether it is important information, like your flight information, or rather pointless things, like the license plate number of the car in front of you, which you probably didn’t even notice. Being able to manage and organize all […]

TechnoReview: OtterBox Laptop Case

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Otterbox Rugged Laptop Case www.otterbox.com Reviewed by Jarhead —————————— Introduction: Since being founded in 1996, Otterbox has developed a reputation for producing high quality protective cases for individuals who like to push themselves and their equipment to extremes. Although the original Otterboxes were box-like cases for protecting valuables during outdoor […]

Quick Look: GP2X Handheld Gaming Unit

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?] The GP2X-F100 Handheld Gaming Unit is the next generation in portable gaming systems. It’s origins begin way back in early 2001. The History of the GP2X started with the original GP32. The GP32 is not as old as the Nintendo portable units but is unique in how the games are created and […]

TechnoReview: 802.11g SDIO Wi-Fi Card from Just Mobile

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?] www.mobis.com.tw/ 802.11g SDIO Wi-Fi Card from Just Mobile – Mobis Reviewed by: Bob Katayama Lately Wireless LAN access has become the rage with mobile devices. Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up in all major cities and even ome cities are creating a FREE Wi-Fi zone in their downtown core. Many […]

Quick Look: InMotion IM500 from Altec Lansing

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Altec Lansing is a major speaker company that has been around long before desktop computers and even FM radio. In the early 1920′s, the founders started to create what is known today as Altec Lansing. Through the 1940′s and still today, Altec Lansing creates innovative audio products. The InMotion IM500 is another one of […]

Quick Look: K-Rally from Infinite Dreams

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Available for the Symbian S60, K-Rally seems like the ulitmate “Spy Hunter” type revisited with updated graphics. Look like a real intense action packed game from this video. You have a choice of different cars and different racing tracks. The game is a top view type with a clear view […]

TechnoReview: GlobalSat TR-101 Personal Tracker

Rating 3.67 out of 5 [?]www.globalsat.com.tw TR-101 Personal Tracker from GlobalSat Reviewed by: Bob Katayama As newer more feature rich cellular phones come out in the marketplace, this will create a wider gap between technically challenged users and the technology wizards. The Personal Tracker GlobalSat is a unique product that maybe suitable for the technology […]

TechnoReview: Dragon Ball from TrialAction Games

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]www.trialaction.com Dragon Ball from TrialAction Games Reviewed by: Eric Pankoke One thing I like about the PDA game market is that unlike the PC and console markets, the developers are not shackled by the mantra “sell fast, sell many”. As a result we are often treated to unique, simple and […]

TechnoReview: Inka Pen from Inka Corporation

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]The Experts @ Technobrains have just completed a review of the Inka Pen. Normally pens are just your run of the mill household item but not so for the Inka Pen. The Inka Pen is a marvel of modern technology. We also asked the founder of Inka Corporation – Greg […]

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