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Quick Look: Paper Munchers for iPhone

Paper Munchers is proof that the food chain works just fine, as long as it’s aided by a bomb every now and again. The big monsters are hungry, and it’s up to you to feed them as efficiently as you can. This is a different take on the physics puzzle concept that’s both fresh and fun. That is, of course, unless you run out of bombs. But, as a last resort, there are always in-app purchases for that.

Quick Look: Animal Pop for iPhone

So what do you get when you combine bubbles, cute forest critters, and gadgets that seem like they came out of the ACME offense catalog? Why you get Animal Pop, of course! This fun match 3 style game adds a couple of neat twists to the formula, and despite only having one game play mode does a good job of holding your attention. You probably won’t play it for hours on end, but it makes for a nice filler when you’re not looking for a deep experience. It’s also a good game for kids to play.

Quick Look: Burn The Rope for iPhone

So are you tired of Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, and think you’ve extinguished all of your choices? Turns out you’re in luck, because a while back Big Blue Bubble released a little gem called Burn The Rope. Now while you might think by the name that it’s a blatant ripoff of something else, it just so happens that Burn The Rope is quite unlike any other puzzle game I’ve played on my iOS device – I’m sure you’ll find out the same. Keep reading to see what Burn The Rope has in store for you…

Random Selections: The Fighting Gamebook Sequels Edition

The idea of the Fighting Gamebook, or an eBook with interactive (and sometimes RPG) elements is gaining more ground on the iPhone, but the leaders at this point are still Big Blue Bubble and Tin Man Games. In this edition of Random Selections I take a look at book 2 in each of their series, Deathtrap Dungeon and The Siege Of The Necromancer respectively.

Big Blue Bubble Bursts Their Prices

Are you into decorating homes, drumming to a different beat, or getting engrossed in an interactive story complete with combat? If so, Big Blue Bubble has an app for that, and currently they’re on sale.

Quick Look: Thumpies for iPhone

Standard rhythm games don’t really do a whole lot for me. Thankfully some developers are willing to look outside of the box and come up with something that skirts the realm of rhythm but in the end becomes something entirely different. Such is the case with Thumpies from Big Blue Bubble, and the result is a game that is fun, crazy, and quite addictive. The controls could use a bit of tweaking, but otherwise Thumpies is an absolute blast.

Quick Look: Hockey Allstar Shootout for iPhone

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]I’m all for mini-games.  For example, Skyworks has several that pretty fun, including some in the sports category.  Unfortunately, there’s a point at which mini becomes too mini.  I suppose for each person that line is different, so it does end up being somewhat of a judgment call.  For me, […]

Quick Look: Pop-A-Tronic for iPhone

What do big chains, charge bombs and a purifier all have in common? Why, they can be found in Pop-A-Tronic, of course! Big Blue Bubble has taken the Jawbreaker style of puzzle game and put a fresh spin on it, making it once more fun to play.

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