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Apple iPad is Full of Juice

I having been reading various comments coming out of yesterdays Apple announcement on the Apple iPad. Some are positive but some are also on the negative side. Overall the impression I have is that the Apple iPad will do well once it becomes available. The starting price of $499.00 USD for the 16 Gb version is enough to peak interest in most people. I feel the Apple iPad is full of juice and not an over hyped product.

The iPad seems to be situated right in the middle of the smartphone and laptop category as far as functionality goes. No other ebook reader on the market currently or coming out this year except for the enTourage eDGe can be placed in the same category. Most are specifically ebook readers with some added online capabilities.

MSI: Apple iPhone – Software Quick Look

Apple iPhone users should read Eric’s QUICK LOOK’s on iTouch/iPhone software. These overviews on third party software programs are a great source to determine if your hard earned money and time is worth the investment. If any of the titles listed in the Comprehensive Reviews/ 1 QUICK LOOK section are of interest to you, just read Eric’s comments before making the decision to download or purchase.

Walking Down the APPLE Memory Lane

Wassup! Today -It has been almost 33 years since Steve Jobs first started APPLE Computers. Since his absence from the company from January of 2009, the company seems to be very quiet. There is a good online history of Steve Jobs and APPLE posted HERE by The New York Times. It is truly amazing to see how APPLE has actually gone from a small company offering the original APPLE II computer to the company it is today.

Digital Camera Mondays: March 23

Wassup! Today – Sharing Your Pictures
It is always more exciting when you can share your fond memories with others by sending your pictures to friends and family. www.flickr.com is a popular site though there are dozens of many others out there too. Keep in mind most FREE sites like Flickr limit you to the number of photos you can have or the total storage you have available. This means you must delete old pictures as you start to run low on storage space. This can be lots of work and in many cases too much work to maintain once you get into 100′s of pictures.

Free For All Weekend: March 15

Wassup! Today – Mobile Development War Beginning

Now that Microsoft has announced a new online mobility store to compete with the Apple iTunes store. The war for the shrinking disposable income will begin. In the end, the battle will not only be between the different operating systems and hardware only. A good percentage of iPhone and iTouch users are not happy with how the iTunes store operate. This frustration also translates over to the software developers that must wait months for their newly completed title to be approved and made available for access on the iTunes store. Developers will soon have a non Apple store where titles can be made available for sale quickly and potentially with a greater return in profit. This is done via a third party installer called Cydia. Cydia will allow you to choose from a number of different download sites and even from sites that will be offerring commercial titles for purchase.

PDA Tuesdays: February 17

Another Microsoft Mobile Category Coming Soon
Yesterday Jack @ Experience Mobility blogged about the latest Microsoft announcements. One announcement was about the new mobile device category called Windows Phone. Not sure if this is just an added category or if this will replace all existing categories. We went from a Pocket PC Phone edition device which had a full touch screen to a Smartphone which has no touch screen. Now with the Windows Phone, it seems like we are back to the full touch screen again. When will this flip flopping end? It must be a nightmare for current Windows Mobile device developers to support all the categories. Seems very costly now to support the older Windows Mobile Classic, Windows Mobile Professional and the newer Windows Phones. All have different versions of the Windows CE operating system and uses different screen sizes. Until the actual Windows CE v6.5 versions of Windows Phone come out, it will be hard to tell if these will be a really hot device or a total flop for Microsoft. From my former days as a Microsft Mobile MVP, I was under the impression that the touch screens would disappear and the Smartphones with no touch screen would be the wave of the future for Microsoft. Looks like Apple wins the battle again and sets the standard with the multi-touch touch screens.

Great Parody Video on The Apple iPod Line of Music Players

Wassup! Today – Over a year ago, I mentioned a great video on boreme.com that was created as a parody on the Apple iPod. I wanted to mention it again today since I still feel this video is applicable today as it was when it was first created. I still get a chuckle from it. Enjoy!

AT&T to Only Support One Smartphone Operating System

Wassup! Today – According to an article posted on YAHOO.COM, AT&T is planning on streamlining their Smartphone line and support only one AT&T branded operating system. The operating system AT&T will eventually carry only is the Symbian OS based Smartphones. Initially this seems like a bad move for AT&T and for AT&T consumers in general but this may actually be a good thing in the end for everyone.

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