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Saturday Specials: The “It’s An Edition” Edition

Rating 4.33 out of 5

Another week with no theme, other than the fact that I felt like talking about these particular games.  One is a game of timing and reaction where you must sort bombs into appropriately colored bins, and the other is a “spot the difference” game with a few differences of its own.  Enough intro, here are the games…


The initial review request I received for this game claimed that it was “as or even more addicting” than Fruit Ninja.  As big a fan of Fruit Ninja as I am that meant I had to give this a try.  While I’m not quite sure I agree with this assessment, there is definitely something about Sorter that hooks you in and tries not to let you go.  The mechanics couldn’t be simpler, yet at the same time it doesn’t take long on any particular level before the action gets frantic and mistakes become easy to make.  If you’re looking for a fun, challenging game that will easily draw you in, look no further than Sorter.

The idea is simply to sort bombs into their appropriate color bins.  It’s kind of like a line drawing game under micro-management because there are no lines.  Instead you actually have to guide each bomb all the way to its bin.  This actually provides a unique challenge, because as the game gets faster bombs can pile up while you’re dragging each one to its destination.  On the plus side, bombs aren’t affected by hitting each other, so you don’t have to worry about that.  What is a concern, however, is the fact that each bomb has a timer, and when the timer goes off the bomb explodes.  Then it’s game over.  As you’re dragging bombs around you have to be cognizant of which ones have been in play the longest and take care of those first.

Look At All The Colors

Look At All The Colors

There are two power ups to help you out.  One will cause all bombs of the like color to automatically go to the appropriate bin once you drag the power up to the bin.  You can drag the other one to any bin, and all bombs currently in play will be sorted to their appropriate places.  The game only has six levels, and each level has bronze, silver and gold medals that you can earn based on points.  You have to earn at least a silver medal to move on to the next level, and I’m still working on level 2.  Once you unlock all six levels the game really becomes a matter of trying to beat your highest score, or if you’re really competitive trying to beat the score of all the other OpenFeint players.  Once you start playing the game I think you’ll get that competitive urge.

The graphics are pretty simple, but the game still looks good.  I like how each bomb is its own timer, and sections of the bomb get lighter as its time is running out.  There aren’t any real snazzy effects at any point, even when a bomb explodes, but they’re not really necessary for this type of game.  The sound effects are pretty much there to have sound effects.  When a bomb is about ready to blow you get a beep warning, and while it’s useful it can also be a bit distracting.  The music is pretty decent, and does a good job of keeping you pumped up.

So has this become my new addiction over Fruit Ninja?  Not really, but it sure is fun.  And it does have the qualities needed to become addictive.  Maybe I just need to play it a few more times to find out…

Final Verdict: Recommended
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Buzz2 Chaos

I don’t get overly excited about “spot the difference” style games.  They can be entertaining in short bursts, however, and this particular one is actually quite interesting.  The artwork stands out from the crowd, at times the differences can be almost too subtle, and there are a couple of extras thrown in that can really make the game challenging.  I’m still not a big fan of the concept, but there’s plenty of merit to Buzz2 Chaos.

The game only has 11 levels, but once a level has been unlocked you can play it to your heart’s content.  The pictures are shared across all levels, but the amount of time and obstacles you encounter change with each new level.  You start with 15 seconds to find a difference, and the time decreases as you progress through the levels.  In and of itself that’s not quite so bad, but when you combine that with the mostly annoying 3 second count down it can get a bit nerve-racking on the higher levels.  You must spot 15 differences (one per picture) to move on to the next level, and once the rabbit has eaten all the carrots the game is over.  I’m not really sure exactly when the rabbit eats a carrot, but I’m thinking it eats part of one for each incorrect guess or flat out missed guess.

Get The Giraffe

Get The Giraffe

The “obstacles” consist of twisting the pictures and animals.  By “twisting the pictures” I mean that one picture might be upside down compared to the other, or it might be a mirror image of the other picture.  As for the animals you have a giraffe, a turtle and a bee.  On the levels where they are present they will just periodically show up to cover part of the screen.  To get rid of the giraffe you simply tap it.  The turtle must be swiped off the screen, and the bee simply can’t be touched.  Sometimes they can be annoying – especially when they cover up a difference – but for the most part they are just an amusing distraction.

The graphics in Buzz2 Chaos are great.  Now I realize you’d expect that out of this type of game, but there’s something about this collection of images in particular that I find quite entertaining.  I suppose it has something to do with the fact that the subject matter ranges from a somewhat silly wedding photo to a picture of various dessert items with attitudes.  There’s no obvious connection between any of the images except that they are goofy.  I also love the expression of the giraffe when you tap it out.  The sound effects are kind of annoying, but at least the “you’re about to lose” timer does its job of encouraging you to speed up your search, if for no other reason than the timer will stop.  There really isn’t any music except for when the game first starts and when you finish a level, but this might be one of those rare instances where music would be more distracting than helpful.

While I’m not going to run out and download every “spot the difference” game as a result of playing Buzz2 Chaos, I must say this one has a certain charm about it.  Maybe I just like smacking annoying giraffes across the face, who knows (PETA, don’t email me)?  Whatever the case, I would definitely suggest checking this out if you like this type of game, and even if you don’t it might be worth your while.

Final Verdict: Recommended
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Well, that’s it for this week.  Next week definitely won’t happen on Saturday, but given some other obligations it might not happen at all.  Either way, the Saturday Specials will return again soon.  Thanks for reading!

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