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Satellite Radio vs www.theradio.com

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Satellite radio has been around for a good number of years now and has been successful to some degree. Different regulations exist with digital radio as compared to standard analog radio therefore a shock jock like Howard Stern can voice his opinions on XM Radio without the usual analog radio sensorship rules. XM Radio and Sirius Radio are the two titans that are fighting to win over subscribers from traditional analog radio users.

The move to digital radio has not been as swift as originally anticipated by these satellite companies. There are a number of issues that prevent music lovers to go completely over to digital satellite in droves.

  • Users must purchase a new radio for the service they intend to use meaning a radio for MX Radio service or a radio for Sirius Radio service. Price starting from around $60.00 USD.
  • Requires additional hardware to have access to home stereo sound quality and volume for multi user listening.
  • Users must pay a $15.00 USD activation fee plus a $12.00 monthly user fee.
  • Free Internet radio stations are popping up on a regular basis.

Many radio stations on the Internet are just Internet versions of the regular analog radio stations therefore you are still subject to commercials and the chatter of the radio station host throughout the music broadcast. Nowadays there are more and more Internet radio stations that offer commercial free music just like satellite radio.

Now that we have a new Internet radio station located @ www.theradio.com you can enjoy the same commercial free music just like satellite radio with some interesting advantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of www.theradio.com.


  • Music with no commercials.
  • You can skip songs or remove songs you do not like.
  • You can enter a song and have it played immediately.
  • You can repeat a song played and also select it from the history tab anytime.
  • You can enter the song title, artist or genre to have access to the music you like.


  • Does not work on mobile devices as is. The website uses Adobe Flash and Winodws Mobile does support Adobe Flash but the website keeps indicating Flash needs to be installed. I have not been able to get the Flash and music working on a Windows Mobile 6.x device. One reason could be is that the website does not recognize Pocket Internet Explorer as a compatible browser.
  • The audio quality is not as good as satellite radio but still very good as far as Internet radio goes.

Overall, www.theradio.com on a desktop, laptop or UMPC is the winner if you are interested in music only. Satellite does offer some unique talk radio shows that you cannot get any other way. You will be subject to a monthly fee for satellite. Once www.theradio.com makes it very convenient to listen to their music on any mobile device, it will be a huge hit in my books.

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