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Sales On The Apple App Store

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I don’t normally post news or push sales or anything like that, simply because I don’t have time between all my reviewing and beta testing and whatnot.  However, there are currently several games on sale from developers that I really like, so I thought I’d take some time out for once to post a few.

First of all, I want to mention the Corona Indie Bundle.  This isn’t actually a sale, but rather a collection of 5 games developed with the Corona SDK that are on sale simply by merit of being bundled together for 99 cents.  You can get the bundle here – Corona Indie Bundle on iTunes.  It’s a universal build and comprised of the following 5 games:

Robot 99 – iTunes Link
Walkabout – iTunes Link
Chickens Quest – iTunes Link
The Secret Of Grisly Manor – iTunes Link; My Review
Float – iTunes Link; My Review

17% of the proceeds will go to charity (check the web site for which charities and links), and when 100,000 people download the bundle a sixth game will be unlocked.  Even if you own one or more games in the bundle – I happened to own all 5 – I’d still consider giving this a purchase.

Now, on to the sales…

TerraCraft Full – 99 cents; iTunes Link
After The Fall Puzzle – Free; iTunes Link; My Review
Dice Tower – 99 cents; iTunes Link; My Review
bitBulletin – $2.99; iTunes Link

Thumpies – Free; iTunes Link; My Review

Pigs In Trees – Free; iTunes Link; My Review

I’m sure there are lots of other good games out there on sale right now as well, but these are a few in particular that I wanted to draw your attention to.  Enjoy, and I hope you find something new in this list that grabs your attention.


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