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Review: Colcasac MacBook Sleeve

Rating 4.00 out of 5

For many years I have owned numerous laptops and used the typical black canvas laptop carry cases. These have been great but on many occasions just too big to carry just the laptop and power supply in. I have tried some laptop sleeves also but these were too flimsy to protect the laptop and also has no style just like the typical black laptop cases.

I have recently come across a great MacBook Sleeve that provides protection and stylist design. I have tried the Damask version of the Colcasac MacBook Sleeve and this is a wonderous product. Made of natural and synthetic fibers. There are 6 different fabric and design versions to choose from.

Available in all of the various MacBook sizes.

When my 13 inch Damask sleeve arrived, I was kind of worried that the sleeve looked very small and not suited for the 13 inch MacBook. I was surprised to see that the MacBook slide easily into the sleeve. No forcing what so ever.

The inside of the sleeve has white faux fur (100% polyester sherpa fleece) lining that is so soft and will not scratch your smooth MacBook surface. The outside of the sleeve has a small pouch which is perfect for the power supply. I can carry just the MacBook anywhere with ease and not worry about scratching the surface. Since this is a soft case, there is very little protection from accidental drops but the case is easy to grip and has a non slippery outer surface to minimize dropping. The case does not add much size or weight to the MacBook therefore putting the MacBook inside the Colcasac into an actual laptop case works well too. This also prevents the MacBook from scratches by hard products carried together in a typical laptop case like pens, DVD cases, binders etc.

An added benefit is once the MacBook is placed inside the Colcasac sleeve, you cannot readily tell that a MacBook is inside thus minimizing the chances of theft in public places.

Available for: MacBook – iPhone/iPod Touch – iPad – Kindle


  • Great lightweight material
  • Reasonable price point.
  • Vecro closures for quick access.


  • A little too much noise when the vecro is separated. The manufacturer could use a slightly less vecro.

Overall Rating:

9 out of 10

I am totally happy with the Colcasac MacBook Sleeve. The $40 USD price point for the 13″ sleeve is very reasonable for this type of unique product. For those that now own a MacBook, iPhone, and a iPad can certainly get a Colcasac sleeve for each device and have a matching set.

Final Verdict: Recommend

Manufacturer: Colcasac

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