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Quick Look: Uggles for iPhone

Rating 3.00 out of 5

I suppose it could just be me, but the prospect of juggling happy go lucky tribble rejects around doesn’t seem like all that appealing of a concept for a game.  It turns out, however, that it is actually quite addictive.  So how can you engage in this guilty pleasure?  Why, by playing Uggles of course!  Uggles is another perfect example of how a simple concept can keep you thinking “just one more time”.

In Uggles you play this fuzzy red creature that just so happens to have freakishly long arms.  You use those arms to juggle other fuzzy creatures that are also cute but appear to be limb-deficient.  You can choose to juggle one, two or three Uggles at the same time (yes, I realize one is really not considered “juggling”), and you keep going until you fail to catch one of the poor Uggles.  You get a point for each successful catch, and after score a certain number of points in a game you can unlock new types of Uggles.  There are three types to begin with and three more to unlock, with ample shelf space to house another four unlockable Uggles.  Maybe a future update?

Toss Some Uggles

Toss Some Uggles

You can control the game using on screen arrows or the tilt functionality of your iDevice.  The first time I tried using tilt I promptly switched to on screen arrows after a pitiful attempt at playing.  As I’ve gotten used to the game, however, I find that I actually like the tilt controls more.  In fact, I don’t find the arrows to be quite responsive enough for juggling three Uggles, especially as they start getting faster.  My main issue with the game play is that it seems like the game is a bit over sensitive as to what it constitutes as a catch.  There were times were it seemed like I certainly had enough of an Uggle in my character’s hand to constitute a catch, but the game said I dropped it.

The graphics in Uggles are top notch.  Each Uggle has a unique look, and they’re just so cute.  I love the main character’s look of concentration – complete with tongue hanging out – as it’s tossing the others back and forth.  I just wish that the little Uggles could have had a bit more animation than simply having their eyes blinking.  The sound effects are sufficient, but get repetitive rather quickly because they aren’t accompanied by any music.  This game would certainly benefit atmospherically from some light, cartoonish melodies.

I really didn’t expect much going into my first session playing Uggles, and I ended up being pleasantly surprised.  In its simplicity, Uggles ends up being an addictive and challenging game.  And, it has the added bonus of being quite kid friendly.  Head over to the App Store and pick up your furry juggling fix now.

Final Verdict: Recommended
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