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Quick Look: Turtle Fly for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5

It seems like if there’s not a “continuous running” game coming out then there’s a climb up / fall down as far as you can style game.  Well, Turtle Fly isn’t a “continuous running” game, so I bet you can guess what type of game it is.  I always approach this type of game with a “do we really need another one?” attitude, whether that’s really fair or not.  At first I wasn’t sure Turtle Fly would qualify for a “yes” to my question, but with all the upgrades available and the 4 achievements on each level, I find myself playing for days at a time every time I sit down to play (that’s game days, of course, and not real days).  It may not be the best of its type of game, but it has certainly kept me entertained long enough to earn its keep.

A Turtle Or A Crayon?

A Turtle Or A Crayon?

Apparently a scientist has concluded that if turtles can fly then humans can as well, and you get to be the lucky guinea pig to test out this theory.  All you have to do is strap on a rocket pack and sail into the heavens as high as you can.  Unfortunately, it appears that even though you are in a no fly zone, you can expect to see obstacles like hot air balloons, planes and more.  There are also strong pressure areas marked by arrows that will push you back down just a bit.  This might hamper you just a bit, but it could also save you from a nasty collision, as it gives you a chance to adjust your course just a bit on the way back up.  You also have to fight wind gusts, which are indicated by a directional arrow and number on the left side of the screen.

So how do you combat all this?  The most important thing is to stay in flight.  You start off with just your main rocket engine, but eventually you’ll be able to by a temporary booster.  Whether using the booster or not your main fuel will eventually run out, and your booster has its own fuel tank.  You can pick up red and blue cans respectively to reload your fuel.  You’ll also take damage when colliding into obstacles, but collecting the heart and wrench icon will replenish some of that health.  There are also gems to collect that help you earn money towards upgrades.  You also earn money simply for staying in flight, and each level has four achievements that provide you with a significant amount of money when completed.

Into Space We Go

Into Space We Go

Each upgrade has anywhere between 3 to 9 levels, and include things like better control, resistance to air and wind, less damage when hit, and more efficient fuel consumption.  Which order you perform the upgrades in depends mainly on your cash flow and what you think will suit you best, but chances are you’ll max out all the upgrades before completing the game.

The controls are pretty simple.  The left and right arrows turn the turtle left and right respectively, and the rocket button gives your turtle power.  Actually controlling the turtle is a different story, however.  While you can upgrade anything at any time as long as you have the money, I’d suggest working on things like air and wind resistance and the actual “better control” upgrade early on, as these items will make your navigational life easier.  As you start going faster and moving to more advanced levels, though, these options don’t seem to make as much of a difference, so don’t be surprised if you sometimes feel like you’re going out of control even if you’re barely adjusting your left or right directions.

Fuel Looks A Lot Like Coke...

Fuel Looks A Lot Like Coke...

One might label the visuals as “doodle like”, especially since many of the developer’s other games has Doodle in the title.  However, much like his other games, Turtle Fly has much better graphics than the average doodle game.  The vehicles look decent enough, and I really like the turtle as he goes through his different phases of shell, booster and plain turtle.  The different hats for protection are a nice touch as well.  The sound effects work well enough, and the fizz of a pop can being opened when you collect extra fuel is somewhat amusing.  The music is pretty good, though more than one song would be nice.  There doesn’t have to be one for each level, but at least have two or three songs that can be selected in an option screen or something.

I won’t tell you that Turtle Fly is this best this genre has to offer, or that it even really breaks any new ground, because it isn’t and it doesn’t.  However, Turtle Fly is certainly a very solid entry in the genre, and its level achievements and extensive upgrade system certainly give you plenty to play for.  My one concern would be how difficult the last few levels will be seeing as I’ve already almost maxed out all of my upgrades on level 4, but I don’t think I’ll have to worry about the for a while.  If you’re in the market for a new “perpetual climbing” games and you want to see a turtle fly, Turtle Fly is certainly worth checking out.

Final Verdict: Recommended
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