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Quick Look: QSTARZ BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer with eXtreme 5Hz log speed

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BT-Q1000eX Bluetooth GPSA new handheld GPS unit comes to market with high speed data logging. Typically, a GPS device has been used to capture the location of the user at any given timeframe. Also, GPS units are allowing the user to keep track of more details about the actual trip like:

  • Total distance travelled
  • Total time taken
  • Average speed for the trip
  • Waypoints to determine actual route taken

Now, with the BT-Q1000eX GPS, you can get even deeper into the complete trip analysis. The BT-Q1000eX GPS records at a blistering speed of up to 5 times per seconds. This means, you can determine intermediate speeds in situations where precise details are required. This is really handy for racing enthusiasts and experts. Precise measuring of speeds throughout the whole trip or lap in not new but the ability to have this at a pricepoint under $200.00 is very impressive. The ability to know the speed before entering the corner or exiting the corner can be readily seen afterwards for automobile racers. This technology is beneficial for any racer that actually runs through a course with numerous twists and turns. Typically standard GPS loggers record anywhere from around 5 seconds to 1 minute. This is fine for short or long distance recording to determine point A to B tracking but not so good in determining intermediate details. A speeding race car can enter and exit a turn in under 5 seconds thus making precise calculations about speed for a given spot on the track very difficult with standard GPS devices. The BT-Q1000eX GPS will record up to 5 times a second therefore about 25 points of data can be recorded within a 5 second stretch of race track.

BT-Q1000eX map

With this high speed recording capability, you now have the ability to track:

  • Average/minimum/maximum speed per lap
  • Sector time (the time from one split point to another)
  • Split time (the cumulative time from start point to split point)
  • Speed for any given position.

Just like many of the QSTARZ GPS units, it is a simple one button ON unit and requires no additional hardware to reord the data. Once the data has been recorded, you can download the data via USB or Bluetooth. The BT-Q1000eX GPS comes with Lap Time Analysis, QSports software and QTravel software.

The BT-Q1000eX GPS has a suggested retail pricing of $160.00 USD. You can find more details at QSTARZ.

Source: QSTARZ

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