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Quick Look: MEEBLIP Mono Digital Synth Module

Rating 4.33 out of 5

MEEBLIP - Image From http://meeblip.noisepages.com/

All I can is WOW! A digital synth module that provides the ability to create 80′s analog synth style mono sounds quickly and play them via a MIDI keyboard. This is something that is certainly lacking from many synths on the marketplace the past decade or so.

I grew up listening to 80′s New Wave music and still enjoy much of the music today. The mono synths used in the 80′s had such a unique sound never before heard before the 80′s and many artists used creative mixing and over dubbing to produce some really crazy sounds and music with these monosynths.

With analog synths evolving into digital synths with sampled sounds and true to life sound, it is wonderful to see a synth module that goes back to the early days of artificial noise. The unit coupled with a MIDI keyboard allows you to play weird waveforms and adjust the sound in realtime.

The MEEBLIP seems like a great and inexpensive way to produce some of the old sounds without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for sound modules that have sampled mono synth sounds. Create your own mono sounds using the MEEBLIP. This seems like a great way to dust off your old MIDI keyboard and bring some life back to your music creativity.

The unit is available as an OPEN SOURCE design thus allowing anyone with some electronic skills to modify and expand the unit to their hearts content. The unit is apparently available now for $129.00 USD and in kit form for $79.00 USD.

You can go to http://meeblip.noisepages.com/ to read more on the MEEBLIP and hear some of the weird and wonderous mono sounds produced from the MEEBLIP.

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