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Technobrains now has a QUICK LOOK Logo Program. This simple program allows any manufacturer or developer to proudly display the QUICK LOOK Recommended Logo on their website, product literature and/or packaging once Technobrains has deemed a product worth recommending.

The process is very simple;

  • Manufacturer or developer submits product to Technobrains for a QUICK LOOK evaluation.
  • QUICK LOOK post is then added to the Technobrains website.
  • If the product is recommnded by the reviewer, the manufacturer is given the rights to use one of the QUICK LOOK Logo images on their website, literature and/or product packaging.

These are the logos currently available for use.

QUICK LOOK Recommended Option #1 QUICK LOOK Recommended Option #1
QUICK LOOK Recommended Option #2 QUICK LOOK Recommended Option #2

Manufacturers that have a QUICK LOOK Recommended product can request a higher resolution version for packaging and promotional literature use, Contact Technobrains at reviews@technobrains.com for more details.


  • The QUICK LOOK posts are regarded as a good source for information by users looking to purchase a new product or service.
  • Companies gain immediate recognition for a recommended product via the Technbrains branding.
  • The use of the “QUICK LOOK Recommended” logo adds instant credibility to the product or service. 
  • The service is FREE for all manufacturers, software developers and service providers in the mobile industry.

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