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Quick Look: JH 13 Pro Custom Earbud Headphones From JH Audio

Rating 4.00 out of 5

Headphones or more precisely earbud headphones have been around for many years. Most people nowadays buy digital music players that come with earbuds that are standard fair. Most sound good since they are designed to work with the paired digital music player.

So what happens when the listener wants to improve the overall sound quality?

Most people would automatically think about replacing the whole package with a higher quality digital music player and headphones.  Fortunately this is not the only option. You can invest in higher quality headphones to start. This means a better pair of headphones of any type.

The types available are:

  • in ear as in earbuds
  • around the ear as in headsets
  • on top of the ear as in earpads

There does not seem to be an industry standard as to the naming scheme from what I have seen. There are terms like open back and closed back but these terms do not specifically indicate the size of the headphone cups.

One type I wanted to do a Quick Look on are earbuds that are custom molded to your ears made by JH Audio. So what’s so speciak about the JH Audio custom earbuds since there are a few other custom molded earbuds on the market like:

First, I want to make a quick comparison between general headphones and home stereo speakers. Headphones in general have one driver or speaker for each ear. high end speakers or quality home speakers have 2 or 3 speakers built into one cabinet. It is not as simple as attaching 2 or 3 speakers to one connection cable and placing them into a cabinet. There are precise physics involved based on the cabinet size, size of the speakers and what is called a crossover circuitry which is added to the package to produce the quality sound in 2-way and 3-way speaker systems.

 The interesting design incorporated into the JH Audio custom earbuds  utilizes the similar physics used in home stereo speaker design by adding a 3-way speaker system within the earbuds. This means 3 separate speakers inside the earbud.

low end frequency speaker (Woofer)

mid range frequency speaker (Mid range)

high end frequency speaker (Tweeter)

What’s even more exciting is that the JH 13 Pro includes two speakers per frequency range with the integrated 3-way crossover in this tiny in-ear custom molded earbud. If that was not enough, the frequwncy range of these earbuds range from 10 Hz to 20 kHz which is much lower than what most people can even hear.

 I have not actually tried these earbuds myself since I would require an audiologist to create a custom mold first and then have these molds sent to JH Audio for custom manufacturing of these earbuds. From all the specifications and testimonials I have read about these earbuds, I am certainly intrigued with these earbuds. I would certainly put these earbuds on my wish list for Christmas. The cost is $1099.00 USD for the earbuds plus the cost of the custom molds to be made by an audiologist at anywhere from $100 – $200 in most cases. This does not seem like pocket change but where else can you get home stereo like specs for a pair of earbuds? It’s like getting a 3-way loud speaker with 6 speakers inside each ear.  Just reading the specifications alone makes my mouth water.

Certainly JH Audio has gone above and beyond your typical earbud design and not only provided a custom molded earbud but also some very sophisticated ealectronics inside each earbud. Anyone can insert a pair of earbuds inside a molded case but not anyone has the 6 drivers and a 3-way crossover inside such a small package. Those that can afford the pricetag of a JH Audio earbuds should consider looking into these earbuds. JH Audio seems to have many satisfied customers from all the testimontials showcased online. You can find out more about the JH 13 Pro and other JH Audio professional products at JH Audio.

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3 comments for “Quick Look: JH 13 Pro Custom Earbud Headphones From JH Audio”

  1. Yess, my JH13s are the clear ones

    Posted by Max m | July 19, 2010, 1:21 pm
  2. How can you rate the JH13s 4/5 stars if you haven’t even heard them?

    Posted by G. Clay | July 20, 2010, 2:39 pm
  3. If sound quality alone (subjective and varies from user to user) is your reason for determining if a pair of headphones are worth considering then a Technobrains QUICK LOOK is not for you. Lastly, the rating is for the review itself and not if the headphones themselves deserve a 4 out of 5 rating. If the posting was very helpful then a higher rating is awarded.

    The reason I can give 4 out of 5 is this is a QUICK LOOK only. If it was a true hands on review, the results maybe different. Even if I had heard them for this QUICK LOOK, hearing them alone would not make the results any higher or any lower. Hearing them adds just one aspect to the overall review and sound quality alone does not dictate the overall rating for any given pair of headphones.

    Bob Katayama Executive Editor

    Posted by Bob Katayama | July 20, 2010, 3:47 pm

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