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Quick Look: Hand Of Greed for iPhone

Posted By PointOfLight On May 15, 2010 @ 5:44 pm In 1 Quick Look,Comprehensive Reviews,Featured,iPhone iTouch,Latest Mobile Games | 1 Comment

Rating 4.00 out of 5
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Hand Of Greed sounds like it should be an Assassin’s Creed or Prince Of Persia type game.  Instead, it’s a “simple” tap the objects type game where you just have to avoid traps and beat the timer.  You can do that in your sleep, right?  Wrong!  For such a simple concept this game is insanely challenging and quite addictive.  I really wasn’t sure I was going to like it before I started playing, but now I’m wondering why I ever doubted it.

Spinning Blades [2]

Spinning Blades

Hand Of Greed is about collecting treasure and proving you can be the best thief around.  You’ll travel through a series of rooms filled with treasures and traps, and all you have to do is tap the treasures in order to grab them.  Problem is, if you happen to accidentally tap a trap at the same time you lose some health.  When all your health is depleted you’ve failed the room and have to start over.  If you can grab all the treasure with some health left then you’ve beaten the room, but to truly master the room you must beat it without getting hit even once.  There is also a timer, and if the timer runs out you lose some health as well.  Don’t start to relax once you’ve collected all the treasure, either – each room has several waves of treasure before it is complete.

Treasures come in different varieties, but the more of one type of treasure you collect in a row, the bigger a bonus you’ll get.  There are also red rubies that will replenish some of your health.  Finally, you get bonuses for extra time, so while you don’t want to go so fast that you keep making mistakes, you’ll don’t want to dawdle either.  Also, if you’ve beaten but not mastered a level, keep trying.  Even if you don’t master the level for a while, you can still earn higher scores.  Of course if you’re like me, once you’ve beaten a level there’s nothing left but mastery.  The thing that gets me the most about the game play is that when you really get into the game you start acting like you’re really going to get cut if one of the blades hits you.  I often find myself just about ready to touch the screen and then suddenly jerking back when a blade’s about to strike.  Just make sure you don’t start sucking your finger to stop the blood flow!

Hand Of Greed looks really nice.  The blades look cool, and the gems have a nice “turn to dust” effect when you tap them.  The screen goes red for a second when you get “cut” with a blade, which is always a nice touch.  I just wish there was more variety to the background.  Maybe they could change up the textures every couple of levels or so.  The sound effects are decent.  The blades extracting at the beginning of each level sounds good, as does the noise when you’re getting cut.  The music, on the other hand, really blows me away.  I’d say it’s overkill for this type of game, which in a way I think it is, but it definitely builds a tense, adventurous atmosphere.  It’s the type of soundtrack that you can sit and listen to even when you’re not playing the game and kind of forget that it’s actually game music.

Hand Of Greed is simple, intense and loads of fun. Be prepared to make several attempts at some of the levels before beating them, and then gear yourself up for a whole lot more tries at mastering many of the levels.  You’ll get so caught up in dodging blades and collecting treasure you won’t even notice the time fly by.  And even though you’ll be concentrating on not getting your fingers sliced off, try to pay attention to the music every once in a while.  You’ll be really glad that you did.

Final Verdict: Recommended
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