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Quick Look: Electronic Home Weather Stations

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Over the past decade or so, weather conditions all over the world has fluctuated with dramatic results. 50 years ago, tornadoes were unheard of in the province of Ontario, Canada. In the last 3 years, I hear on the news at least one report each year of a tornado touching ground or numerous reports of micro bursts. The weather can change on a dime as it has even today.

This morning I experienced heavy rains for over 3 hours and the sudden appearance of the sun. Then another short burst of heavy rain that appeared within minutes. Accessing the weather channel or the online weather reports is OK for general regional weather conditions but not very accurate for localized weather reports since I live in the southern west end of the city. This area is not monitored by any weather station as far as I know that I can access quickly online.

I decided to see if there are any electronic weather stations that are geared for home use and I was surprised to find many that are really reasonable in cost and highly functional. Here is a short list of manufacturers.

There are probably many more that I missed while searching the Internet. These products all do basically the same function. They measure:

  • The temperature

  • The pressure

  • The humidity

  • The wind speed and direction

Plus various changes of these conditions over time are collected to predict future weather patterns and conditions. Some even go as far as detecting the total rain fall and the wind chill. I was surprised to find out that most of these products connect either by wire or wirelessly to the main display unit plus connect directly to a PC and some even receive accurate time syncronization over the radio waves.

Since these are digital devices, the display can be set for Metric or Imperial measurement standards. Some manufacturers also provide units that display weather information directly from an online source when connected to the Internet.

If you are into golfing, gardening, fishing, kite flying,  jogging plus many other outdoor activities, investing in an electronic weather station of some kind may turn out to be a great investment in time management and outdoor productivity. Take a look at the various manufacturers listed above for more specific details. Prices range from around $100.00 USD to $300.00 USD on up.

Final Verdict Recommend

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