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Quick Look: Eggs In Space for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5

Are you looking for some mindless, egg smashing fun, but have too much of a conscience to go decorate someone’s house?  Do you like silly, whimsical games that take just minutes to play but could easily consume your time if you let them?  Are you bored?  If you answered yes to all these questions (or at least one of them), Eggs For Space is the game for you.  If you have no sense of humor, just go buy a dictionary app and study or something…

C'mon And Kiss Me

This game is all about you, under the guidance of a professor that happens to be a spoon, saving the cosmos from some rotten alien eggs.  Affectionately described as a “tap’n crack” game, all you basically do is tap the bad eggs as they fly towards the screen at you.  Just tap the bad eggs, however.  Don’t tap the really bad eggs.  Tapping the really bad eggs is bad… really.  You can tell the “just plain bad” eggs because they look like rejects from a bad installment of the Police Academy movies.  The “really bad” eggs will cause the screen to flip or shake, making it hard for you to tap the eggs you need to tap, or they can even cause you to lose a life.

At the end of every three stages there’s a big “just plain bad” boss.  This boss must be tapped several times to be defeated, but when it’s red it will spit at you.  Just tap the spit at this point, because the only thing worse than egg on your face is egg spit on your face.  When the boss is red it can’t be tapped.  Basically you just keep going until you can’t go no more, which probably means you’re dead.  You start the game with three lives, and you can earn an extra life for every sausage link or piece of toast you tap.  Any time anything bad hits you, or you accidentally tap the “really bad” egg with the skull and crossbones on it, you lose a life.

Christmas In The Stars

There’s also a “bonus” Christmas Eggs In Space mini-game, but let’s call it what it is: level 1 with a Christmas skin.  Still, it is fun until you beat the snowman egg (the first and only boss).  My main gripe about the game is that because of the layering of the objects and the frequency of their arrival at times, it’s nearly impossible to tap the right eggs unless your fingertip is the size of a stylus.  Mine is about the thickness of 10.  As a result you need to wait for the “really bad” eggs to clear, at which point it’s too late to tap the “just plain” bad eggs.  Annoying, but in the end it’s livable.

The graphics are rather amusing in Eggs In Space.  From the old fashioned TV like interface to the dropping curtain between acts there’s this whole vaudeville / variety hour feel to the game.  The professor spoon is great, and the individual eggs are quite enjoyable.  Even the backgrounds are nifty, whether it’s the big lipped planet or the world with a huge pirate ship embedded in it.  I could just as easily see this game having a cartoon based off of it as Angry Birds.

50's Sci-Fi Reborn?

I’m actually a bit disappointed in the sound.  It’s not quite as zany as the graphics, and doesn’t do as much to enhance the experience as I’d hoped it would.  I’m also sad that we never actually get a voice for professor spoon.  The music is kind of the same way, though I do like the little piano riff that plays between levels.  I wouldn’t recommend letting that play for too long, though, as it gets repetitive rather quickly.

Overall, Eggs In Space is a great time waster.  If you’re looking for a deep, meaningful gaming experience, get a real life partner instead.  If you want plenty of level and lots of variety, I hear there’s this quirky little puzzle game called Angry Birds.  For simple, banal incredible edible smashing fun, Eggs In Space is the game for you.

Final Verdict: Recommended
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