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Quick Look: Cowon X7 MP3 Player

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Cowonx7 MP3 Player

Cowon X7 MP3 player

This unit is much more than a MP3 player with a large screen. The Cowon X7 is a complete multimedia player with a 4.3 inch 16 million color TFT touch screen. Comes with 2 GB of flash operating memory and at least 120 Gb of hard drive storage space.

File format supported:

Audio – MP2/3, WMA, OGG, FLC, APE, WAV

Video – AVI, WMV, ASF with DIVX

Built-in FM Radio

Built-in Speakers for private listenig without headphones.

Built-in Bluetooth for wireless control and listening. (A2DP – AVRCP *)

A/V Out to a TV to share your movies on a larger screen.

The Cowon X7 also comes with a built-in Flash player which gives you access to literally thousands of Flash based games and videos downloadable for free. The user interface also supports a few applets like a calculator, stopwatch and a notepad for drawings and memos.  The large HDD can also double as a mass storage unit allowing you easy access to the storage space via the USB connector. The Cowon X7 certainly is a versatile portable unit comes a multimedia device and a mass torage unit al in one. Go to Cowon Global for more details.

*A2Dp: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile

*AVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Profile

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