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Quick Look: Cover The Sheep for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5

A wolf and a sheep go parachute jumping… no, this isn’t the start of some bad bar room joke.  It’s actually a new game puzzle game that has you trying once again to protect the poor, innocent sheep from the jaws of the vicious wolf.  This time they are trying to use parachutes and balloons to escape from their hungry adversaries, but unfortunately the wolves have the same methods of transportation.  You must safely guide the sheep to a certain platform while making sure the wolf doesn’t arrive, because if the wolf makes it to the end it will get the sheep no matter what obstacles are between them.

Level 2-2

Level 2-2

To guide the sheep you tilt your device left and right.  This actually works pretty smoothly for the most part, though control did feel a bit jittery on a couple of levels.  The problem is that the wolf moves right along with you, so you have to use elements in your surroundings to put some distance between you and the wolf.  Walls can keep one or the other of you from moving, while fans can slow your ascent / decent and springs can catapult you back upwards for a bit.  Ultimately, though, you need to make sure the wolf ends up falling in some water or getting skewered on the wrong end of a spike pit, because otherwise it will eat you in the end.  To move on to the next level you simply must survive the wolf.  To unlock a new level set you must collect a certain number of apples, three of which exist on each level.  The concept is simple enough, but some of these levels are extremely difficult.  On the plus side, you can always revisit a passed level to try and do better later.

Aesthetically, this game is all about cute.  The sheep is extremely adorable with its big eyes and little hearts floating from its head after beating a level.  The wolf is constantly eyeing its prey, and it’s actually kind of amusing when he eats the sheep (not that I don’t feel sorry for the sheep, mind you).  The accompanying sound effects fit the mood of the game perfectly, whether it’s the snicker of the wolf when he gets an apple before you do or the sheep’s laugh.  The music is well done, and each level set has its own theme.

Level 1-14

Level 1-14

Currently there are 60 levels broken into 3 worlds, and even though you might be able to finish each level relatively easily, you’ll have to work hard to get all the apples.  There are also 38 achievements to earn, so the game should keep you busy for quite a while.  Personally, I think it’s a while worth spending.

Final Verdict: Recommended
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