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Quick Look: Clumsy Bob for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5

In a genre filled with petite characters and stick figures running for their lives, Bob dares to be different.  Bob dares to be big, Bob dares to bounce, Bob… is an elephant.  Clumsy Bob is a nice variant of the traditional distance running game.  The visuals are great, the sound is well done, and it’s actually rather addictive.  That is, of course, until it crashes.  It’s a shame, because this could be one of the great distance games, but I like my game to stay running until I decide it is time to shut it down.

Guess Who's Dinner?

In Clumsy Bob you play the eponymous Bob, a happy go lucky purple elephant that just loves to bounce on clouds.  The problem is that things just don’t seem to have a habit of going your way, and there are lots of opportunities for you to cease bouncing merrily along.  It’s your job to keep the cute little pachyderm’s dreams alive as long as possible.  To control Bob you simply tilt the device left and right.  While jumping or floating this will literally cause Bob to move left and right. When you’re flying the rocket, however, tilting left and right will cause the rocket to go up and down, respectively.

Along the way you’ll get plenty of aids to help keep you going.  Springs will launch you farther than a normal jump.  Umbrellas will cause you to float to a landing, which gives you better control and potentially allows you to travel farther than jumping as well.  The aforementioned rocket lets you travel really far, though you might have to dodge some oncoming missiles during your trip.  There are also coins you can collect to boost your score.

Better Than A Jet

Besides the counter-missiles, there are hungry rats just waiting to get a taste of Bob.  Who doesn’t love a rodent that can consume an entire elephant?  There are also snakes that will attempt to gobble you up, and clouds that disappear after one bounce.  And naturally you can simply plummet to your doom with a badly timed jump.  The worst offender, however, is the crashing problem.  The longest I’ve been able to play Clumsy Bob without crashing is 15 minutes, but after playing a few other games that time frame drops drastically to between 3 and 5 minutes.  Seeing as I can run Dead Space for an hour with no issues, I think the developers need to tweak things a bit.  This is on an iPod Touch 4G, by the way.

In addition to addictive game play, the game sports Crystal integration.  There are a number of achievements you can work towards, and of course there are the whole leader board and challenge aspects that go along with the Crystal experience.  I understand the need to use Crystal since this is a Clickgamer game, but either offer me another social solution as well or please finally get around to fixing the problem where I have to log in every time I want to use Crystal.

Floating Along

The graphics are great.  Everything is colorful and well animated, and I love watching the rat eat Bob (not that I don’t want to see Bob succeed, mind you). The backgrounds are also pretty nifty, especially the one that has all the sea creatures in it.  The sound effects are amusing, especially when it comes to the noises Bob makes.  Certainly not something you’d expect from an elephant.  The music sounds good and is very upbeat, which just enhances the frivolous mood the game emits.  Aesthetically the game is quite pleasing.

Clumsy Bob has all the ingredients of a great distance game, and in fact is a nice change of pace from the norm in this genre.  It also has a very inviting atmosphere.  Unfortunately, until they get the crashing problem fixed it’s really frustrating wondering when the game’s just going to dump out on you.  Please get this fixed soon guys!  Until then, I can’t outright recommend this game.

Final Verdict: On The Fence
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