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QUICK LOOK: Bose L1 Compact System for Musical Keyboards

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Buying electronic equipment has always been a challenge for those with a limited budget. Many of us tend to forget or do not take into consideration the added cost of accessories that are critical for the long term enjoyment of a given device. This holds true with musical keyboards. Higher end musical keyboards and keyboard synthesizers do not have speakers built into the keyboard itself. Low end keyboards do have speakers built in but are basically designed for personal listening and not for group enjoyment. Majority of the keyboards have an audio output for external speakers.

Bose l1 Compact System

The Bose L1 Compact System is another one of these accessories that fall into the price range that makes it difficult for the average musical keyboard buyer. The speakers cost $899.00 USD which can easily be more than the home user can afford on top of the purchase of the musical keyboard itself. For those that perform on a regular basis, will find the Bose L1 Compact System worth the cost.

The Bose L1 Compact System is similar in size to most portable amp/speaker systems. The key advantage is that the system offers a wide dispersion of audio sound allowing a large group of listeners to hear your performance. The angle of sound dispersion is 180 degrees.

Other advantages:

  • Built in power amplifier with monitor.
  • Built in input for microphone and instrument.
  • Integrated mixer
  • Sound reaches from floor level to standing height level using six separate drivers.

The system is easy to assemble and disassemble. The total weight is only 29 pounds and no speaker cables or stand is required. The Bose L1 seems like a good addition to those that require an extrnal speaker system for their musical performance and enjoyment. If the sound quality of the L1 is similar to the the rest of the Bose line of home speakers, the sound should be very good as well. For more details go to Bose.

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One comment for “QUICK LOOK: Bose L1 Compact System for Musical Keyboards”

  1. I would like to See a picture or something showing how A mutli keyboard system Would be Connected to this system. It appears for Marketing purposes the keyboard player has been sort of Hidden from all ads, or even “youtube’. It seems like its geared more for guitarist or bass players, Horns etc. Am I right. Would like to be wrong but I need Pics or some sort of Marketing for Me the Keyboardist. Lets say 3 Keyboards. I take it a Mixer would have to be involved?

    Posted by terry Morgan | June 12, 2012, 4:35 am

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