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Quick Look: Blast Monkeys for iPhone

Rating 4.67 out of 5

My review schedule is so backlogged that I don’t get much of an opportunity to cover free games, but every once in a while one comes along that I feel compelled to discuss anyway.  Blast Monkeys is one of those games.  I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I downloaded it, but it turns out that its main flaw is the fact that there aren’t enough levels!  I was instantly hooked, and now that I’ve beaten the 25 levels in the game I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do next.  Well, not really, but I would love to see more levels added to the game.

The basic premise is that you must fire a monkey head out of a cannon and try to get it into the goal on the level.  That’s all you HAVE to do, but there are three bananas you can collect as well.  Of course you’re only really cool if you get all three bananas on every level.  There are 25 levels altogether, and so far I have 73 bananas.  Sadly, I’m not sure I have the skills to get the remaining to.  Guess I still have something else to do in the game yet!

Level 25

To fire the cannon you simply tap it.  The only other time you can interact with the game is if your monkey gets trapped in a bubble.  When you want the monkey out of the bubble you simply tap the bubble to pop it.  Other obstacles include boards and pegs that slide and spin and mini-mazes.  There isn’t a lot of variety to the types of obstacles, but the levels are so well designed that it doesn’t matter.  For some reason when I play this game I’m reminded of Donkey Kong Country… but I digress.

So what are my complaints?  As I said at the beginning, the main thing is length.  As I’ve been writing this review I continued to play the game, and now I’ve managed to get the remaining two bananas. There’s no replay value to the game, so now I just have to move on.  The bubbles are a bit hard to tap and pop in a timely fashion.  Also, there is a reset button that appears on the cannon, but it doesn’t always appear and I’m not sure what triggers it.  That might as well show up right after you’ve launched your monkey and just stay there so you can reset a level at any time.  Of course, these are all minor things, but things to think about none the less.

Level 13

The graphics are simple but get the job done.  A bodiless monkey is a bit freaky at first, but you get used to it.  There are really no special effects to speak of, though a little pomp and circumstance when you’ve gotten the last banana would be cool.  The sound effects aren’t bad, and there’s some nice music playing in the background, but it’s clear that the focus of the game was actual game play, and not aesthetics.  As long as its not horrid to look at or listen to, that’s okay for a free game.

In the end what we have is an extremely fun puzzle game that ends way too abruptly.  With some more levels, additional obstacles, and a couple more monkeys (don’t need abilities, just different faces), this could be quite a contender.  As it is the game is still excellent for killing a few minutes until you finish it.  Even if the result ends up costing money, let’s hope the developer expands this into the product it should be.  This is one of the most entertaining puzzle games I’ve played in quite a while, and with the right polish I believe it could give some of the heavy hitters a run for their money.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended
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