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Quick Look: APPDOPE Website for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5

I was just contacted by Morgan Davies who runs www.appdope.com. This is website devoted to iPhone and iPod Touch related software promotions. This site keeps track of newly released software and monitors existing software for price drops and other incentives that benefit the end user.

Every Friday,  www.appdope.com also gives away promotional codes to various software titles. According to Morgan, they currently have available over 50 promotional codes to giveaway. Anyone that owns an iPhone or iPod Touch should check out APPDOPE on a regular basis and especially on Fridays. You will need to register an account on APPDOPE and follow the links associated with the giveaway apps to qualify for the promo giveaways. I would suggest you go to www.appdope.com to get the whole story and enjoy what this great website has to offer.

APPDOPE is a great addition to the Apple iPhone community and should be one website that you have to bookmark. What APPDOPE offers via their MEGACOMP Fridays giveaway is one simple way of trying to secure one of the limited promotional codes developers have available to giveaway at the launch of any new title.

Final Verdict: Recommended



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