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Comprehensive product reviews have been crutial in pointing out key aspects that encourage readers to become buyers and also point out minor issues to be considered for future revisions or updates for manufacturers. www.technobrains.com creates comprehensive reviews that goes beyond your typical laundry list of features. We delve heavily into the product to expose any concerns users may experience after the purchase. It is important to be aware of any concerns before the purchase like ”no printed manual and only PDF doc file provided on CD” or the CD is a Mini CD which will not work in an iMac as examples.

The reviews created by Bob Katayama and the team of EXPERTS are intended to promote but also educate the readers and manufacturers on the merits or demerits of the product being reviewed. As an avid user of mobility products, Technobrains EXPERTS are considered potential buyers first when reviewing any product. All aspects of the product from packaging, website information, support and companies overall access is very important to us. The reviews on www.technobrains.com are viewed by a world wide audience directly and via the popular RSS feed. Other third party services and websites like FEEDBURNER are utilized to increase access to the RSS feed and the contents.

Here are the basic steps involved in securing a www.technobrains.com review.

1: The product must first fall into a consumer handheld mobile category. Either used as a handheld product or in conjunction with a handheld product. Desktop products will also be considered when the product has a direct connection to a mobile device like a portable multimedia player.

2: The product will be put through its paces rigourously thus all items sent in for review are not returnable. Most reviewed products will no longer be in a resalable or reviewable condition after the rigorous testing.

3: Products must be send prepaid.

4: There is no value placed on the actual review item therefore a product with a retail value of $20.00 USD will be given the same attention as a product that has a retail value of $1000.00  USD. 

5: All reviews are copywritten by www.technobrains.com. The review may be quoted, linked to or cross posted as long as proper reference to www.technobrains.com is clearly indicated.

6 All reviews will remain posted in the review archives for at least 1 year.

7: Review completion time frame will be indicated when a review product is approved for review. General rule is 2 – 3 weeks after receipt with some reviews taking longer based on the complexity of the product and review scheduling.

8: Links to resellers or other links not directly associated with the products information or the main company website must be provided with the review item to be included in the review. As a rule, at least one link to the products information and one link to the manufacturers home page will be included in the comprehensive review.

9: Product images that are to be included with the review should be provided before the review is scheduled.

19: www.technobrains.com may provide its own product images at its own discretion.

11: No prior approval opportunity will be granted before the review goes live. All reviews are unbiased and are based on the benefit to the potential buyer and also to the manufacturer in subsequent product releases.

If you are comfortable with the above conditions for PRODUCT REVIEW, please contact me using the CONTACT form. Once your product is approved for review, the details for shipping will be provided.

Bob Katayama Executive Editor


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