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Preview: Tilt To Live for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5

“Hey, I’ve heard rumors of that game” you say.  “Isn’t that just another one of those ‘dodge all the bad guys’ type of games?”  Well, yes it is.  And no, it isn’t.  It IS one of those games, but it isn’t JUST one of those games.  I think this is probably the most entertaining version of this type of game I’ve played, and I was a big fan of Gobble.

The base graphics are pretty simple: a triangle for your ship and red dots for the enemies.  The weapon effects, however, are extremely cool, especially the ice explosion.  I also really like the background, which is really just a bunch of swirly circular designs.  The sound effects are decent, especially when it comes to certain weapons like the ice explosion or vortex.  The music is a nice blend of The Mask and Ratatouille.  Overall the aesthetics are quite pleasing.

Ice Is So Cool

Ice Is So Cool

The game play itself is highly addictive, due in large part to the weapons.  You start out with homing missiles, the ice explosion, some sort of fire / lightening weapon, a “mega blast” and a shield.  Other weapons can be unlocked as you reach certain scores.  You actually have to grab these weapons as they’re floating along, though, and most are of the instant use variety.  There’s some nice strategy in determining when to actually activate a weapon, especially as the arena starts to get more crowded. And then there are the achievements, which not only make the game worth playing again and again, but are sometimes outright hysterical.  I personally wish they would have used OpenFeint, but I’m pretty sure I have an Agon account too.

The game is also very easy to control.  You just tilt the device to move.  Most weapons will be activated and done with once you run into them, and those that aren’t still don’t require any additional input from you.  I even found their calibration option screen amusing, as they decided to include “sleepy” as a calibration option.  The developer’s sense of humor certainly permeates every aspect of the game.

I’ll be sure to go into the game in more detail once it’s released, but suffice it to say that my first impressions are that this is a pretty incredible causal game.  I really look forward to seeing what other unlockables await me as I start actually getting better at the game and scoring higher (I’ve unlocked two things so far).  It would be nice to see more than one type of enemy (maybe yellow squares or something?), but otherwise I’d have to say “so far, so good”.

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