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Preview: Slice It for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5

If there’s one thing Com2Us has shown us through their tenure on the iPhone it’s that they aren’t afraid to tackle whatever genre tickles their fancy.  And for the most part they’ve apparently been successful with the choices they’ve made.  In the next couple of days they’ll be unleashing Slice It! on the App Store scene, and I’m happy to say that they’re not breaking their streak with this offering.

Slice It! is a game of proportions.  You’re given an object, a required number of lines  to draw, and a target number of slices to cut the object into.  You draw lines across the object to slice it, and in the end you must have made the required number of pieces, each one being approximately the same size in area.  If one piece is too big or too small, you fail.  If you don’t make the required number of slices, you fail.  If you don’t use the required number of lines, you fail.  As you get further along in the game you’ll see the You Failed screen a lot.  When you finally get that Cleared screen on each level, however, you’ll really feel like you’ve accomplished something.

The game comes with several level sets, and additional level sets will be available after the game’s release as DLC.  The graphics are somewhat doodle-like in nature, though it looks better than most doodle games on the market.  The audio is well done, especially when you hear what sounds like a kid’s voice saying “Great” or “Perfect” after you’ve solved a puzzle with five stars.  I believe the game will retail for 99 cents when it comes out, and I suggest you grab it at that price, because it’s an absolute steal.

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