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Preview: Pro Zombie Soccer for iPhone

Rating 4.50 out of 5

First of all, I have to get this off my chest. When I originally heard the name “Pro Zombie Soccer” I immediately thought Mutant League Hockey type game. I was a bit sad when I found out that wasn’t what these guys had in store for me. However, after playing through the demo preview, I’m happy to report that while this may not be the undead team stompin’ zombie fest I was anticipating, Pro Zombie Soccer is a blast!

The basic story is that you’re a wannabe pro soccer player that gets bitten by a real pro soccer player turned zombie, and before you completely succumb to the zombie ways yourself you want to destroy as many of the undead as possible. Got it? Thankfully they tell the story much better with some really cool comic book style artwork. As for the game itself, it’s pretty much a “defend the line” type of game. One thing that’s different right off the bat, however, is that you actually stay in one spot instead of moving up and down the line. You just turn to control which way you kick the soccer ball, which is your weapon of choice. Control is simply pressing the screen and dragging to aim / power up, then releasing to kick the ball.

Zombie, Meet Spalding

You will fight wave upon wave of merciless zombies. Some require multiple hits, some can only be hit in certain spots, and some will keep charging you even if you take their heads off. As you get further along in the game you will get the ability to use some power ups for your soccer ball. One allows you to kick the ball a lot faster, another allows you to get multiple zombies with one kick, and the last… well, let’s just say fans of Real Genius can appreciate the last power up. The action is intense and hardly ever lets up, and you certainly won’t ever get bored.

The visuals are a treat. Beyond the comic book cut scenes, the actual in game graphics are great. Zombies that take multiple hits will lose body parts along the way. One zombie even burrows under the ground and just pops its head and an arm above the surface every now and again. Everything is nicely detailed and it’s clear that care was put into the artwork. The sound effects are actually just a bit lacking – it would have been nice to hear some more moans and groans from the zombies. The music, however, has the quality of a grade A zombie movie soundtrack.

I feel like I’ve already written a pretty strong Quick Look review, but I plan to bring you more once this great take on the undead slaying genre is finally released. Of course you could just find out the rest on your own and buy it when the game comes out. You won’t be disappointed.

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