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Preview: Hot Pursuit for Windows Mobile

Rating 3.00 out of 5

In a time where everything seems to be iPhone, it’s nice to know that some developers haven’t abandoned the Windows Mobile platform. eSoft Interactive has been kind enough to grace us with Hot Pursuit, a modern interpretation of the classic Carmen Sandiego that will have you hunting thieves for a very long time. From a slick interface to sharp pictures of the various locations you’ll visit in your travels, the graphics in Hot Pursuit scream class. The music is well done and suits the travel theme quite well. Most importantly, though, is that the game is just plain fun to play.

This style of game play, using real world clues to help you track down criminals, is one of the few types of game play I’ve seen that has managed to be both fun and educational. And, if you don’t feel like “learning” anything, it’s still quite the challenge pitting you wherewithal against the computer to see if you can find these tricky thieves. This game is for anyone seeking a fun challenge on their Windows Mobile device. If you’re not careful, you might even pick up a thing or two about the world around you as well!  Check out a video of the game here, and expect a full review soon after release.

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