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Preview: Gears for iPhone

Rating 4.33 out of 5

By the time you read this preview, there’s a chance this game might be out in certain markets.  Even if it’s not, I’m guessing that most of you avid iOS gamers have at least heard of Gears.  Given the game’s pedigree, I expected it to be good, but all I can say is “wow”.  Backstory aside, there’s something about this game that sets it apart from other ball rollers.  I’m only on level 9, so I assume that I haven’t gotten to all the “good stuff” yet, but what I’ve seen so far has been quite impressive.

The levels are well designed, and often quite frustrating.  Even at that, you’ll keep tackling them again and again until you get them right, because you’ll feel compelled to do so.  It appears that Gears only has 27 levels, but there are four difficulty settings, and when you get to brutal you only get one life to complete the game.  I’m pretty sure even the hardcore gamers will be occupied for a while.  The game supports both tilt and swipe methods for movement, and if you choose tilt it gets recalibrated at the beginning of each level.

Brass Menagerie

Brass Menagerie

The graphics are quite splendid, doing a wonderful job of showcasing the visual capabilities of iOS devices.  And I can assure you that the textures in the first level set are just an appetizer for what is to follow.  The sound effects are actually kind of blah, though I do like the narrator’s voice.  The music more than makes up for the lack of anything in sound, however.  The music in the first level set is well written, and the tune for level set two is actually kind of haunting.

You can expect to read a lot of well deserved praise for this game over the next few weeks.  In fact, you’ll probably even be hearing more from me.  You should start looking for this game on Thursday, April 28.

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