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Preview: Aqua Pearls for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5

By the time you read this there’s a good chance this game will already be out somewhere – that’s what I get for living towards the back of the time zone spectrum.  At any rate, the game is Aqua Pearls and it’s one of the two new releases from G5 Entertainment that are slated to hit the App Store on October 28th.  Aqua Pearls is one of those games where you have a “train” of objects – in this case pearls – and you must fire additional pearls into the train to match 3 or more pearls of the same color.  Appropriately sized matches disappear, and you repeat until you’ve cleared the entire train.  Honestly, my first thought when playing Adventure mode (your typical “levels on a map” mode) was “hey, it’s another one of THOSE games”.

Flipper, Meet The Starfish

Flipper, Meet The Starfish

Then I played Puzzle mode, where you only get a certain number of shots to finish a level.  Next up was Strategy mode, where instead of trying to eliminate the train as a whole, you try and rescue fish that are trapped in bubbles by making matches underneath them.  There’s even an Endless mode where you can pick one of 15 levels and play until you can’t play any more.  Suddenly I found myself enjoying the game a whole lot more.  Throw in some cute underwater graphics and a decent soundtrack, and you’ve got yourself a nice alternative to games like Luxor.  There may not be much new in the way of mechanics, but Aqua Pearls makes up for it plenty with atmosphere and variety of game play modes.

Coming October 28th
G5 Entertainment Home Page

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