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Press Release Submission Policy

  1. www.technobrains.com will only post press releases that its staff members feel qualify as “news” related to “ALL THINGS MOBILE“.
  2. Press releases that do not contain any actual news or announcements related to “ALL THINGS MOBILE“ will not be posted. For example, no physical mobility related products or services accepted. Mobility products or services that allow productivity or entertainment while mobile only will be accepted. 
  3. www.technobrains.com will not post press releases on products or services that have been previously announced within the last 30 days.
  4. www.technobrains.com may choose to not post some press releases if we begin to receive related updates every week or sooner. This will be considered spamming.
  5. All press releases submitted with this form will be posted as-is, including all spelling and grammatical errors. You are responsible for your own proofreading.
  6. www.technobrains.com reserves the right to create its own headlines and article summaries for use on its web site and RSS feed.
  7. All news posted on www.technobrains.com, including press releases, may be cross-posted to other locations through the use of syndication technology such as RSS feeds and/or Twitter.
  8. By using this form, you must be an authorized representative of the organization represented in the submitted press release. www.technobrains.com does its best to verify information, but cannot be held responsible for errors in submitted materials.
  9. www.technobrains.com reserves the right not to post any press release for any reason.
  10. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the CONTACT US from before posting.

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