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PDA Tuesdays – Where are the Personal Digital Assistants Nowadays?

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More and more companies are producing Smartphones and moving away from the PDA market. What used to be a very popular category for organizing personal and business data is now quickly becoming a thing of the past. The Apple iPod Touch is probably the only successful none phone based handheld productivity device that is still around.

With the success of the Apple iPod Touch comes the larger Apple iPad which has a larger 9.7 inch screen. Basically a larger version of the iPod Touch. With a larger screen, higher resolution comes a touch screen version of the Apple iWorks that provides the true productivity tools missing on the Apple iTouch out of the box.

The transition away from the PDA to the tablet computer is in full force. The small 3.5 – 4 inch inch screens are now the thing of the past with the tablet computer bridging the gap between the PDA and laptop computer. With companies like Google pushing the free Android operating system and the Chrome Internet browser, third party companies are jumping into the tablet computer market with their own versions of the tablet computer.  These are some of the current products available:

I refrained from using the term “Tablet PC” since many still equate this term with a Microsoft Windows operating system based tablet computer. Now that other OPEN SOURCE mobile operating systems are becoming widely popular, more options are becoming available at competitive prices. The PDA market is currently disappearing quickly but may return in the future.

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