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PDA Tuesdays: First Ever Post For PDA Tuesdays

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Every Tuesday, I will be posting a digest of PDA related topics that will keep you informed about the current PDA market. I am working hard to make PDA Tuesdays a source of interesting information on new and current products. The PDA market has the potential of becoming even stronger than it is now with some innovative products and software. Stay informed by reading PDA Tuesdays each week.

A Sweet New product From Toshiba.

Toshiba has announced the upcoming release of its newest PDA product TG01. This is a sweet  unit that should add some spark to the Windows Mobile category.


- Only 9.9 mm thick

- 1 GHz processor

- Micro-SD with up to 32Gigs support

800 X 480 resolution touchscreen

- HSDPA 3G radio network support

- Wi-Fi


- Virtual trackpad

- G-Sensor which is like an accelerometer

- Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro operating system

- Toshiba 3D user interface

Toshiba TG01

Toshiba TG01 - Image: Register Hardware








Apparently DIVX, Flash, and direct access to Facebook and YouTube is supported out of the box. The TG01 seems to leave the box running with loads of hardware features and software support to allow a seasoned Windows Mobile or a new user to take advantage of this device very quickly. There has not been any mention of availability or pricing yet. I am looking forward to this offering from Toshiba. If the TG01 does well, other manufacturers will be inspired to push their Windows Mobile designs to the next level.

Source: Register Hardware

HTC Touch Diamond

Many of you may not be familiar with HTC but this company has been around since 1997. Originally manufacturing PDA products for other well known brands and OEM partners. In 2006, products came out under its own HTC brand. I have owned for a number of years now the i-Mate Jasjar which is a branded version of the HTC Universal. A clam shell design running Windows Mobile 5.x. Very solid and rugged. Now HTC continues to innovate with products like the latest HTC Diamond Touch. Just the overall design and look of the products oozes quality.


- 528 MHz processor

- 256 MB ROM

- 192 MB RAM

- 4 GB internal memory support

- 2.8 inch TFT LCD display


- Bluetooth

- Wi-Fi

- 3.2 megapixel camera

- FM radio

- HSDPA and WCDMA network support

- Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro

HTC Touch Diamond - Image: HTC

HTC Touch Diamond - Image: HTC



The HTC Touch Diamond will certainly see some competition once the Toshiba TG01 is released. HTC is one company that listens to the marketplace and incorporates what many of the previous PDA users are asking for in hardware inclusion. You can go HERE to read more on the HTC Touch Diamond.





PALM treo pro

The treo pro is another in the Treo line and seems to improve on the older version very nicely. As a user of the Palm Treo 700wx I have been very happy with the solid hardware and flawless operation. If you ever watch CSI New York, you will certainly recognize the PALM Treo in use. The latest offering of treo pro seems like another home run for PALM.


- 400 MHz processor

- 256 MB ROM (100 Mb USer available)

- 128 MB RAM

- 32 GB internal memory support

- 320 X 320 TFT LCD screen


- Wi-Fi

- Bluetooth

- 2.0 megapixel camera

- HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM radio network support

- Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro

Palm treo pro - Image: PALM

Palm treo pro - Image: PALM

If you are confused as to why the latest Treo is spelled “treo pro” with small letters only when the older versions clearly have the capital first letter, I am too. Anyways, that is a minor concern and the overall specifications and the smooth outer case design looks like this model will also be positioned to do well in the current marketplace. You can go HERE to read more on the PALM treo pro.

LG Incite

The LG line of PDA products are relatively new to me. The LG Incite is the latest offering and seems like another PDA that will do well in the marketplace.


- 528 MHz processor

- 256 MB ROM

- 128 MB RAM

- 400 X 240 TFT LCD display

- Wi-Fi

- Bluetooth

- 3.0 megapixel camera

- GSM and HSDPA radio network support

LG Incite - Image: LG

LG Incite - Image: LG


Look for the LG Incite in your area. You can go HERE to read more on the LG Incite.

Seems like all the latest PDA products listed are running Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro. As a former Microsoft Windows Mobile MVP for 4 years running, it is great to see a good lineup of Windows Mobile devices at this time. Many sport similar features with slight variations in speed and capacity. Looks like there is going to be a Windows Mobile device to satisfy many in 2009.

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