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Not Sure You Need an iPad Then This May Help

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For those of you that miss the good old days of playing video games like Asteroids, Centipede, and Battlezone at the arcade can now relive the excitement with just a $99.00 USD add-on for the Apple iPad. The iCade adapter unit transforms the iPad into an arcade quality video gaming system. The iPad just slides into the cabinet from above and securely attaches to the joystick adapter.

In the days of video arcade parlours, video gaming machines cost anywhere from $2000.00 – $3000.00 or higher per video game. Even now through a collectibles dealer, old video game machines still cost anywhere from $1000.00 USD on up. These machines have a tendency to breakdown due to decades old electronics and legacy components. Trying to replace old parts can be very costly and a real headache to track down.

The desktop iCade model sports a full sized arcade quality joystick that should provide you with many hours of comfortable continuous gameplay. The cabinet is designed with the traditional wooden frame and styling. The unit plays all the classic ATARI arcade titles as if you where back in your local arcade. The software can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and many newer titles are also supported. The whole package including the iPad would be well under $1000.00 USD and supports multiple arcade machine titles in one portable system.

The iCade will be available from ION within the coming weeks. The iCade should be a very popular add-on for those gamers looking to play all those old school arcade titles. If you already have an iPad, you need to check out the iCade when it becomes available very soon. You can go to ION AUDIO for more details.

Image – iCade from www.ionaudio.com
Image – Asteroids from www.thereviewcrew.com

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