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Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo NES I have always been impressed with Nintendo ever since they came out with the Nintendo NES in North America in 1985. For me, Nintendo is not just about video games. My family plays a game called hanafuda which is a very old Japanese card game based on flowers of the seasons that Nintendo has manufacturered since 1889. We play every New Years day and a few times throughout the year. It’s an easy game to learn but difficult to master like chess.

The first time I heard about the Nintendo NES, I could not believe that a small company that has been manufacturing playing cards for almost a century suddenly had released a home video gaming system. I was lucky enough to win one of the deluxe units that also included the interactive robot and the Zapper gun from Much Music. Much Music was located at 99 Queen St. East at the time before moving to 299 Queen St. West.

NES Robot Anyways, Nintendo went from an eight bit home gaming system to one of the leaders currently in home gaming systems today. Other companies at the time like Colecovision, Atari, and Commodore started to disappear from the mid 1980′s. 25 years later, Nintendo is still going strong with the announcement of the latest Nintendo DS handheld gaming system called the Nintendo 3DS.

NES Zapper The Nintendo 3DS which is slated forrelease in the spring of 2011 as far as I can tell, seems to bring a whole new level of excitement to handheld gaming world. Now for the first time, you will be able to play 3D games on a screen without special glasses or additional accessories. The screen is 3.53 inches wide and is supposed to provide clear 3D imaging. The unit will come with Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity to content and online multi-player gaming. Nintendo is making access to much of the online content free of charge. No monthly fees. Plus an automated system which searches for Wi-Fi connections and other 3DS devices in the background to transfer different kind of content while in sleep mode. The 3DS will support cartridges that have 2 Gigs of memory and also play the DS and DSi games. In addition, a 3D camera is built in to take 3D images that you can view directly on the device.

Nintendo 3DS Disney, Warner Bros. and DreamWorks will also be making available Hollywood movies for the Nintendo 3DS. From what I have seen on the Nintendo website thus far, this unit will certainly be a huge success for Nintendo and blow all other handheld devices away. I currently have the 3rd generation iPod Touch for games but when the Nintendo 3DS becomes available in Canada, I can certainly see my iPod Touch collecting dust very quickly. I am certainly looking forward to getting my hands on one as soon as it becomes available.

You can go to the Nintendo website for more details and also watch the complete E3 presentation on all the latest Nintendo products slated for the 2010 Christmas season.

Source: NintendoNintendo 3DS image

Added Note: There are numerous 3D TVs coming out on the market currently that require glasses for each viewer. This can get costly for families very quickly especially when the average price is around $250.00 USD for each pair of additional glasses. It will be interesting when the Nintendo 3DS screen technology makes it into the larger TV format. This will again change the TV landscape and make the current technology of requiring separate 3D glassess a thing of the past.

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