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NFL in Canada

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The National Football League or NFL for short is a major sporting event at many local sports bars in Toronto, Canada. We have our own Canadian Football League or CFL for short but the rules and field sizes are different. I personally enjoy watching the NFL more so over the CFL. The reasons for me are very simple. I find that the NFL overall spends more money promoting, recruiting, and on salaries that also translates to the networks doing the same. The overall NFL broadcasts are far more entertaining, starting with the vibrant and knowledgeable sports casters and the creative camera work in the studio and on field.

NFL has a promotional office here in Toronto to help increase awareness and viewership throughout Canada. Some of the actual Buffalo Bills games are played here in Toronto now at the Rogers Centre. It is interesting to note that despite Toronto being located in Canada, it is geographically further south compared to other NFL franchises located in Green Bay, Minnesota and Seattle. This coupled with the fact that Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America, could certainly be a good candidate for a NFL franchise

Toronto already has baseball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse and many other sports that involve US and Canadian teams. Adding American football to a city that already has its own Canadian football team might seem like a gamble for some but I feel the interest in the NFL is sufficient in Toronto and across Canada to support an actual franchise without taking anything away from the CFL or the Toronto Argonauts. We have neighboring cities like Mississauga and Oakville where the new NFL team can call home and still be classified as a Toronto team. Many US based teams do that already.

An exhibition game between a NFL Team and a CFL team would be truly exciting but the field size and rule differences would certainly be a challenge for both teams to work out. The odds of this ever happening would be slim to none. Now that the NFL season has begun, Toronto fans can look forward to seeing the Buffalo Bills in Toronto without the long trek to Buffalo which takes about 2 hours one way depending on how much time is taken at the Canadian/US border. The next game to be held in Toronto is on Sunday, November 7th against the Chicago Bears. Fans of Buffalo or Chicago that are into NFL betting will certainly be looking to cash in on this local match.

I would love to see either the Buffalo Bills or another NFL franchise for that matter move up to Toronto to make the final Super Bowl game truly SUPER. I hope the powers at be that can make this become a reality do so soon before another sporting franchise comes to Toronto and further limits the NFL’s location and financial possibilities.

As far as watching a NFL game anywhere, US subscribers to Verizon can do so by going to www.nfl.com/mobile on their Smartphone and following the instructions indicated. This type of service is not available in Canada yet as far as I know and this type of service would be another great way to watch a NFL game away from the TV.

Mobility is a huge market everywhere and access to information, be it static information or information in real time is becoming a common activity on Smartphones nowadays. I am looking forward to the day when a cable sports channel like service will be made available in Canada via a Smartphone inexpensively. The ability to watch a variety of sports through one online channel on my Smartphone would be very sweet. Inexpensive to me would be access to 3 plus sports channels via my Smartphone for $10.00 per month or $4.99 per month for one channel on top of an unlimited data plan at under $40.00 per month.

As Smartphones become more popular and powerful, it is inevitable that watching TV via an internet or cellular feed will replace cable or satellite TV eventually. This will also apply to laptops and Netbooks which are also equipped with high speed Wi-Fi and networking. The life of cable and satellite TV is quickly coming to an end and online access will transform how we watch TV and live sporting events remotely in the future.

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2 comments for “NFL in Canada”

  1. Very efficiently written story. It will be beneficial to anybody who employess it, including yours truly :) . Keep doing what you are doing – i will definitely read more posts.

    Posted by sports fan shop | December 17, 2010, 11:01 pm
  2. I agree that it would be exiting to watch exibition games between CFL teams and NFL teams. Who cares who wins and by how much. If anything, the CFL has only to gain from the experience. Canadians are too conservative (I know, because I´m Canadian)and “small” thinking in someways. Let´s look at Basketball (invented by a Canadian) and now it´s played all over the world. Look at hockey, played all over the world. So why should the CFL be any different?? The CFL simply has the “wrong” people running it. I for one hope that the idea of exibition games between CFL teams and NFL teams is seriously considered (however slim that maybe).
    GREAT article.

    Posted by Manuel | December 31, 2011, 9:50 pm

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