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Nexus One Google Phone Sneak Peak

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Well, it had to happen eventually. The first images and details about an Android 2.1 based Google phone are now available. The details are still limited but if the information is accurate, the phone should be available for purchase unlocked. This would be great news for someone like myself that would love to get a hold of a Google phone  just for the purpose of developing applications for it. According to ENGADGET, the phone is manufactured by HTC. I am familiar with HTC from way back when they manufactured the HTC Universal. (Windows CE based Smartphone). I still have one of these and do use it on occasion for playing games or listening to music.

Nexus One Google Phone

Nexus One Google Phone

Nexus One Google Phone

Nexus One Google Phone

The Nexus One seems like a real sleek device and since it is manufactured by HTC, the device should be rugged and a well built smartphone. I am looking forward to hearing about this device when the official announcement is made and hopefully get one to try down the road. More details available @ ENGADGET


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