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New Mobile Shopping Product: “RetrevoQ” Gadget Shopping Advisor Via Twitter & SMS

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Experts at the consumer electronics shopping site, Retrevo.com, are announcing a new mobile shopping advisor service that works from your cell phone. RetrevoQ (as in question) is an automated service designed to give in-store holiday gadget shoppers up-to-the minute shopping advice about the gadgets they see in the store.

 See a gadget that you want, but you re not sure if it s worth the price? Just ask RetrevoQ. Send the product make and model number to RetrevoQ and instantly receive that product’s

  • Real-Time Recommendation  Whether or not it s a good product to buy
  • Fair Price  The reasonable price one should pay for the product based on its feature set
  • Online Price Range  The price range available on the Internet for the product
  • Link to Retrevo’s Real Time Review of that product

What is Retrevo?

Retrevo is the consumer electronics shopping site visited by over four million people every month. Retrevo uses Artificial Intelligence technology to make sense of the consumer electronics market and help electronics shoppers decide what to buy, when to buy, and where to buy it. Whether it’s HDTVs, camcorders, laptops, or cameras, Retrevo gives shoppers the information they need to make confident purchases. Retrevo is a Silicon Valley based company that has been virtually matching people and consumer electronics since 2006, and has recently been featured in SmartMoney, The Motley Fool, MacWorld, PC World, Fox Business, The UK Register, and more.

How-To Use Retrevo s New Services

SMS: To use RetrevoQ, from a mobile phone send a text message to 41411 with RetrevoQ followed by the product make and model. For example, text  retrevoq Canon 500D  to 41411.

Twitter: To access @retrevoq from Twitter, Tweet @retrevoq and the product make and model. For example  @retrevoq Canon 500D . For a private, direct message exchange, follow http://twitter.com/retrevoq and then direct message the product make and model. For example:  dm @retrevoq Canon 500D .Shoppers will instantly receive a response:  Canon 500D: Strong Buy if you want high end, Fair Price: $842, Range: $724-$1043. http://bit.ly/V940p

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