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New Canon EOS 1D Mark IV DSLR – Is it a still camera or a video camera?

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As an avid photographer for decades, I have been struggling to take high quality images at night. Certainly the latest technology allows low light shots of still objects and specific moving objects like fireworks relatively well but still has its limitations. Pushing the ISO range beyond 800 ISO means a higher level of noise is introduced into the image causing a grainy image in the end. Higher quality the camera, the lower amount of image noise and higher light sensitivity.

Once you introduce any level of motion into an image taken at night using only the available lighting, the image taken will have blurring, or ghosting occur. Very few cameras to date are capable of taking great night shots using only the available lighting. Certainly, external lighting and flashes can be added to compensate but in most cases, forces the image to be washed out or unnatural. Recently Canon released a new version of their EOS DSLR camera that seems to truly allow photographers to capture the natural low light essence of any night shot. If it looks great to the naked eye, the Canon 1D Mark IV should be able to reproduce an image that comes really close.

DPREVIEW.COM has posted a great hands on review of the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV DSLR.

Watch this great video taken by Vincent LaForet, a professional still photographer for the NY Times. Only the available lighting outdoors was used to create this unique video.


The Canon EOS is a still photo camera but unlike most cameras that have a built in video mode, the Canon EOS supports 1080p @ 30 frames per second. The ability to use a very high ISO setting of 102,400 which has a very low image to noise ratio is one of the cameras outstanding features. Check out the complete review of the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV DSLR at DPREVIEW.COM

Is it a Still camera or a video camera?

Personally, I feel that this is a still photo DSLR but certainly has some great capabilities as a standby or last minute video camera backup. If you are the type that does not like to carry numerous hardware with you to every photo shoot can consider the EOS 1D Mark IV from Canon.

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  1. I find info about slr camera and your blog have very good content and infomation about that Thank you.

    Posted by canon slr | November 23, 2009, 12:46 pm

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