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MSI: Wowee One Gel Speaker System

Rating 4.33 out of 5

Every once in awhile, a new product comes out that has an intriguing Wow factor just from the promotional literature. I came across the Wowee One Gel Speaker System n the August issue of Popular Science Magazine. As with most products in the What’s New section of the magazine, very little details are provided.

What is the Wowee One Gel Speaker System and why does it use the word “GEL” in the name?


 Well, these speakers produce the sound using a flat surface. Depending on the surface used, you will most likely have different results as to the quality of sound producted. This is nothing revolutionary since the basic premise of using a flat surface to generate sound have been around snce the late 1990′s. There are still others that do exactly the same as the Wowee One on the market. As for the word “GEL” in the name, I did not find a definition anywhere on the manufacturers website.

I scowered the Internet for some decent reviews on the product but only found the typical overviews of the product and no real reviews. Most say the product works and has OK sound or has a good bass sound. The specs indicate 40 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency range which does not seem like a great frequency response range to me. No review I have come across has really compared the sound to other standard speaker systems or other products using similar technology. I would like to determine these issues before considering this or any other similar product for purchase:

- Overall sound quality

- Size, weight and portability differences to other portable speakers

- Sound issues based on different audio sources

- Sound issues based on different surfaces used to produce the sound

- Price comparison to other speaker options

- Battery life of the portable audio source based on the use of the Wowee One vs other powered or non powered speaker systems. 

- Dollar for dollar, are the Wowee One Gel Speaker System worth the $90.00 USD asking price compared to other resonance based speaker systems or standard speakers in the same price range?

- Do the actual specs measure up?

These are some of the questions I have that are left unanswered for me and currently I feel that the Wowee One Gel System is not a product I would consider purchasing the next time I am in the market for a portable speaker system. Too many unknown factors to be spending $90.00 for a speaker that may produce the quality of sound I would prefer at the reasonable volume level for an external speaker system.

Time to look for other speaker systems in the $90.00 price range. For now, I would recommend the Tubebug Vibe instead. Lower price and looks far more stylist and very similar in functionality and features. Just watch the two videos below and see the products for yourself.



Another alternative you can consider are the I-Mo Resonance Speakers. These also generate sound when attached to a flat surface. The advantage with these are they come with a built in radio, built in MP3 player with 2 Gigs of memory for storing your own songs internally and the standard connection to an external music device. Best yet is the price which is the lowest of the 3 products @ around $46.00 USD. Since this one comes with a number of added features at a very low price point, the actual sound quality and volume level might be sub par.

You can also type “Flat Surface Resonance Speaker” in Google and locate other similar products for comparison purposes.

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2 comments for “MSI: Wowee One Gel Speaker System”

  1. “The specs indicate 40 Hz to 20,000 khz frequency range which does not seem like a great frequency response range to me.” 40Hz to 20,000Khz seems pretty good to me, but what is the point as the range of the human ear is 8hz to 20Khz I would think that 20Mhz is beyond any creatures hearing.

    Posted by Mark Johnson | April 21, 2012, 7:08 pm
  2. Actually the high end frequency should state “20,000 Hz”. This was a typo and has been corrected. Thanks for the post.

    As for why support a frequency beyond the hearing range of the human ear?

    These frequencies are called “harmonic frequencies” and though you cannot hear them, you can actually feel them. Also good speakers that go bound the human hearing range tend to reproduce the frequencies you can hear more crisp and clearly.

    High end home stereo speakers tend to do this very well.

    Hope this explanation helps a little. If not, search the web for more details on “harmonic frequencies” and check out some speaker specs like for these speakers.


    Another is the Altrasone Pro 900 headphones. There are many more speakers and headphones that support frequency ranges beyond what the human ear can actually hear.


    Posted by Bob Katayama | April 22, 2012, 1:34 am

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